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  1. Ethics Watchdog Has Big Impact On Federal Workers, But Not On Trump : NPR

    The Office of Government Ethics has been in the spotlight since President Trump ignored its call to divest his businesses. It has no enforcement power, but still has a big impact on federal workers.

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  2. Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez Elected To Lead Democrats : NPR

    The DNC has a new chair — former Labor Secretary Tom Perez. Party members voted in Atlanta on Saturday. Now the hard work of rebuilding the party begins.

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  3. Bullying And Stereotypes In The WNBA : NPR

    This past week former WNBA star Candice Wiggins claimed that she was bullied for being straight. NPR’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks with ESPN writer Mechelle Voepel about female stereotypes in sports.

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  4. Trump Administration House Bars Major Media Organizations From Latest Press Briefing : NPR

    The relationship between the White House and the news media took another step backward Friday when CNN, The New York Times, BuzzFeed and others were kept out of secretary Sean Spicer’s briefing.

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  5. ‘The Americans’ Showrunners On Writing Cold War-Era Drama Amid New Russian Relations : NPR

    Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields, co-showrunners of the acclaimed series "The Americans," about Russian spies in the Washington, D.C., area, look ahead a season amid newly tense times with Russia.

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  6. What To Expect In Trump’s Address To Congress : NPR

    We recap President Trump’s week and his address to CPAC, and preview themes to expect in his address to Congress Tuesday.

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  7. ‘Take The Cannoli’: 45 Years Spent Quoting ‘The Godfather’ : NPR

    The Godfather was released 45 years ago this spring. NPR’s Scott Simon takes the anniversary as an opportunity to revisit some of his favorite lines from the classic film.

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  8. Trump Adviser Sebastian Gorka Threatens Legal Action Over Tweets : NPR

    He’s a cheerleader for President Trump’s travel restrictions. He’s a self-described expert on Islamist movements who does not speak Arabic. He’s declared that alpha males are back. And his calling card now reads, Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to the president. The British-born, Hungarian-educated White House newcomer seems to have his new boss’ ear and the ire of some security experts.

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  9. Jazz On Film And The Problem Of The Mad Creative Genius : NPR

    Jazz Night in America host Christian McBride reflects on how movies about his art form — including La La Land and a new Lee Morgan documentary — tend to paint the working jazz musician.

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  10. Oscar Nominee Lin Manuel-Miranda Aims For EGOT : NPR

    If Lin Manuel-Miranda wins an Academy Award in the Best Original Song category, he will become only the 13th person in history to win an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony. We hear from past EGOT winners.

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