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  1. AI Is A Growing Part Of The Criminal Justice System. Should We Be Worried?

    From facial recognition to emotion detection to risk assessments, AI is guiding the decisions of police departments and courtrooms across the country.


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  2. How Geometry Shaped The World - Science Friday

    Science historian Amir Alexander shares how Euclidean geometry came to influence politics, art, and the nature of cities.


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  3. Rats Learn To Hide And Seek

    Neuroscientists say they can learn a lot by observing brains at play.


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  4. The Bubbles At The Center Of The Milky Way

    A million years ago, the black hole at the center of our galaxy burped. Now, scientists are exploring what the resulting bubbles might say about our kinship with other galaxies.


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  5. A Clamp Down On Hurricane Dorian Data

    Scientists were threatened with firings after the National Weather Service projections for Hurricane Dorian contradicted President Trump’s tweets.


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  6. Wind Turbines Leave Behind Hard-To-Manage Waste

    Wind turbines are great at producing green energy. But when they reach the end of their life-span, their blades are incredibly difficult to recycle.


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  7. Randall Munroe’s ‘How To’ Guide For Everyday Problems

    In his book “How To,” Randall Munroe answers how to send a file, charge your phone, and other everyday questions with uncommon solutions.



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  8. Widening The Lens For More Inclusive Science

    Indigenous peoples have been observing the world for thousands of years, but underrepresented in the sciences. How can we make science more inclusive?


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  9. What We Know About The Mysterious Vaping Illness

    An Illinois patient died from the illness last week. Now, health researchers are investigating the dangers of vaping and how it should be regulated.


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  10. Soft Robot Gives Jellyfish A Hug

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