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  1. Ahmed Kathrada, Anti-Apartheid Activist, Dies At 87 : The Two-Way : NPR

    South African freedom fighter Ahmed ‘Kathy’ Kathrada spent decades in jail with Nelson Mandela. His best friend later in life was one of his prison guards.

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  2. Even With The Wars Behind Us, In Charleston, Cannonballs Still Found Below : NPR

    Relics from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars are creating all sorts of problems in South Carolina. Old cannonballs continue to be found, and many need to be detonated.

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  3. Iranian And Russian Presidents Meet In Moscow : NPR

    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is in Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Rouhani said recently that he hoped "a new turning point in the development of our relations will be reached." NPR’s Steve Inskeep speaks with Karim Sadjadpour of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace about their relationship.

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  4. Some Cities Undaunted By Attorney General Crackdown On ‘Sanctuary Cities’ : NPR

    On Monday, the Justice Department said it would follow through on an executive order to withhold as much as $4.1 billion in federal grants from so-called "sanctuary cities." In Travis County, Texas — which includes the city of Austin — officials have said they would not comply with this order. NPR’s David Greene talks to Sarah Eckhardt, a Travis County judge, about the potentially severe consequences of being a so-called "sanctuary city" under the Trump administration.

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  5. Nashville Newscaster Finds Workaround For Lack Of NCAA Footage : NPR

    Eric Alvarez from FOX 17 used a little rubber duck on his desk to represent the Oregon Ducks. And Lego figures.

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  6. Robots Deliver Takeout Orders On The Streets Of Washington, D.C. : All Tech Considered : NPR

    Self-driving delivery robots have popped up on the sidewalks of Washington, D.C. — and other locations have expressed interest. The bots learn about traffic patterns with every trip they take.

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  7. Expected Executive Actions On Climate Change Policies Aim To Ensure Focus On Energy Independence : NPR

    President Trump will sign executive actions Tuesday that aim to roll back a sweeping set of climate policies put in place by the Obama administration. A moratorium on new coal leases on public lands, a rule designed to address methane emissions from oil and gas operations and the Clean Power Plan, will all get a review.

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  8. Message To ‘Resistors’ From Occupy Co-Creator: Stop Protesting. Run For Office : NPR

    Micah White helped spark the Occupy Wall Street protests that spread worldwide. The activist and writer now says street protest is futile. Progressives, he says, should go rural and run for office.

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  9. Release Of Possible Topics For 2020 Census Raises Concerns : NPR

    The U.S. Census Bureau is set to release proposed topics for questions in the 2020 census. Some demographers are worried that the census will become too politicized under the Trump administration.

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  10. can trump bring the art of the deal to the presidency

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