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  1. ‘The Bachelorette’ May Have A Black Star, But It’s Still Set In A White World : NPR

    Some may see Rachel Lindsay’s rise as progress; but diversity isn’t about expecting black people to assimilate into a mostly white world.

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  2. Former CIA Director Says He Had Concerns About Russia Ties To Trump Campaign : NPR

    Former CIA Director John Brennan told a House panel there was evidence of contact between Trump campaign aides and Russians, but he didn’t have enough information to determine whether they colluded.

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  3. Data-Driven Traders Begin To Dominate Financial Markets : NPR

    NPR’s Ari Shapiro talks with Greg Zuckerman of The Wall Street Journal, about the rise of using algorithms and computers in stock trading by investors on Wall Street.

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  4. Trump’s Budget Relies On Optimistic Economic Forecasts, Critics Say : NPR

    President Trump’s budget proposal calls for eliminating the federal deficit within 10 years. It depends on deep cuts to safety-net programs such as food stamps and Medicaid, and relies on rosy forecasts for economic growth that critics call unrealistic.

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  5. Cole Porter’s Pro-Immigration Ballet Gets A Trump-Era Revival : NPR

    Within the Quota criticized the restrictive immigration laws passed by Congress after World War I. Now the Princeton University Ballet has brought the show back — with a few updates.

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  6. U.S. Looks To Get Mortgage Giants Fannie And Freddie Out Of Conservatorship : NPR

    Many years have passed since Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac got into financial trouble and had to be placed in conservatorship. The mortgage giants are stable now, but nine years later there is still the question of how to get these companies out of conservatorship and on their own again.

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  7. President Trump Arrives In Rome To Meet With Pope Francis : NPR

    NPR’s Ari Shapiro interviews John Allen, editor of Crux, an independent news site, and president of Crux Catholic Media, about the meeting scheduled between the Pope and President Trump. Allen says despite their differences, they are not likely to have a contentious meeting. He says Trump will also meet with the Vatican’s secretary of state and foreign minister for more substantive talks.

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  8. British Authorities Continue Investigation Into Manchester Suicide Bombing : NPR

    The terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, left 22 people dead and 59 hospitalized as of Tuesday evening. The attack was a suicide bombing and the suspected suicide bomber is 22-year-old Salman Abedi.

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  9. Los Angeles VA Campus Fails To Support Growing Number Of Homeless Vets : NPR

    Los Angeles has one of the nation’s worst rate of homeless veterans, but its Veterans Affairs campus doesn’t support many homeless vets. Instead it hosts parrots, gardens, a baseball stadium and other features. Soon, however, officials say the facility will begin building a new community of local homeless veterans.

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  10. Trump Budget Reduces Education Spending, Raises Funding For School Choice : NPR

    President Trump’s newly released budget proposal would cut overall education spending by 13.5 percent while increasing funding for school choice. The NPR Ed Team will unpack the administration’s new budget and what it means for parents, teachers, students and taxpayers.

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