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  1. The Brilliant Bioethicist With ADHD

    Paul Root Wolpe is a bioethicist who struggled with ADHD in his childhood. Hear about how he’s turned one of his greatest weaknesses into his greatest strength!


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  2. The Zen of Everything Episode 7: Zen and Religion, Sutra Thumpers, and Mindfulness Meditation

    Jundo and Kirk discuss whether you can practice Zen Buddhism if you are a Christian, Jew, Muslim, or believer in another religion.


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  3. Above Avalon: Above Avalon Episode 151: Apple’s Financial Tug-of-War

    A different kind of Above Avalon podcast episode - dedicated to discussing why earnings are so intriguing to Neil. After going over the two ways to utilize quarterly earnings, Neil goes over some of his expectations for Apple’s 3Q19 and how Apple is currently facing a financial tug-of-war. Receive N


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  4. Tefillin on Chol Hamoed (Rabbi Yonatan Shai Freedman)

    What is the reason to wear tefillin on chol hamoed What is the reason not to wear tefillin on chol hamoed What is the reason to wear tefillin without a bracha This shiur was delivered to Australian an…


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  5. Conversations with Tyler: Neal Stephenson on Depictions of Reality

    If you want to speculate on the development of tech, no one has a better brain to pick than Neal Stephenson. Across more than a dozen books, he’s created vast story worlds driven by futuristic technologies that have both prophesied and even provoked real-world progress in crypto, social networks, and the creation of the web itself. Though Stephenson insists he’s more often wrong than right, his technical sharpness has even led to

    a half-joking suggestion that he might be Satoshi Nakamoto, the shadowy creator of bitcoin. His latest novel,

    Fall; or, Dodge in Hell, involves a more literal sort of brain-picking, exploring what might happen when digitized brains can find a second existence in a virtual afterlife. So what’s the implicit theology of a simulated world? Might we be living in one, and does it even matter? Stephenson joins Tyler to discuss the book and more, including the future of physical surveillance, how clothing will evolve, the kind of freedom you could expect on a Mars colony, whether today’s media fragmentation is trending us towards dystopia, why the Apollo moon landings were communism’s greatest triumph, whether we’re in a permanent secular innovation starvation, Leibniz as a philosopher, Dickens and Heinlein as writers, and what storytelling has to do with giving good driving directions. Follow Neal on Twitter Follow Tyler on Twitter More CWT goodness: Facebook Twitter Instagram Email


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  6. Do Mitzvos Require Kavannah? The Question Revisited (Rabbi Michael Taubes)

    Parshas Bechukosai Do Mitzvos Require Kavannah The Question Revisited…


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  7. The Rabbi and the Buddhist Monk

    In conversation: Rabbi Shmuel Braun and Ajahn Sona, abbot of the Birken Forest Buddhist Monastery. Ajahn Sona podcast: https://anchor.fm/ajahn-sona | This episode: https://anchor.fm/ajahn-sona/episodes/The-Rabbi-and-the-Buddhist-Monk-e4633e

    Original video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0R1UQdeKiIc
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  8. Ed Boyden on Minding your Brain (Ep. 64) – Conversations with Tyler – Medium

    Ed Boyden joins Tyler Cowen to discuss the tools and technologies he’s developing to better understand the brain, including how to detect consciousness and cure diseases like Alzheimer’s.


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  9. Shabbat - Its Significance and Impact (Rabbi Chayim Soloveichik)

    Length 48 min 58 sec Machshava - Shabbat…


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  10. #TrendingJewish Episode 24: The New American Judaism

    Noted historian Jack Wertheimer discusses his research into how “ordinary” Jews are experiencing Judaism in the 21st century.


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