MUNCHIES: The Podcast: #7 Gail Simmons - How Top Chef Changed Food

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  1. Chefs@Google: Anthony Bourdain

    You all may know Anthony Bourdain from his Emmy award winning show, No Reservations, where he does pretty much everyone’s dream job of traveling the world and eating incredible things. He has a second show debuting on The Travel Channel in November called "The Layover" which is a high-octane travel series that follows him to cities around the world as he gives viewers the inside scoop on where to eat, where to drink, and what to do on a 24-hour layover.

    He has written several books including Kitchen Confidential, A Cook’s Tour and Medium Raw.

    He is joined by his Emmy-award winning team for No Reservations and The Layover:

    TOM VITALE, an Emmy-nominee, Producer/Director of No Reservations and "The Layover"

    ZACH ZAMBONI, 2-time Emmy-winning Director of Photography of No Reservations and also the Director of Photography of "The Layover"

    TODD LIEBLER, 2-time Emmy-winning Director of Photography of No Reservations

    Directed by Lee Stimmel

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  2. Award Winning Literary Fiction And Transmedia With Kate Pullinger | The Creative Penn

    Kate Pullinger is the award-winning author of 7 novels as well as short story collections. Her novel The Mistress of Nothing won the Governor General’s Literary Award for Fiction in 2009. She’s also created prize-winning digital projects including networked novels, games and software.

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  3. In Paris, Where Food Is King, Refugee Chefs Show What They Have To Offer : The Salt : NPR

    In a weeklong festival, refugee chefs teamed up with their French counterparts to serve up feasts that fuse their culinary traditions. It’s an effort to recast refugees in a new, culinary light.

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  4. Jesse Cox accepts the Directors’ Choice Award.

    Third Coast Award: As a young boy, producer Jesse Cox discovered a set of old cassette tapes which turned out to be a hugely popular BBC radio show featuring his grandparents.

    The tapes had been sitting in the front room of his parent’s home for years - recordings of an unsolved mystery that has captivated and kept his family guessing for three generations.

    Keep Them Guessing won the Directors’ Choice Award in the 2013 Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition. It was produced by Jesse Cox, with sound engineer Russell Stapleton and supervising producer Claudia Taranto for ABC Radio National’s 360documentaries in 2012. 

    Listen to all nine winners of the 2013 TC/RHDF Competition, and check out the EXTRA section below for a few related links and to hear Jesse accepting his award.

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  5. Vegan Chefs Show How To Make Even A Carrot The Centerpiece Of A Meal : NPR

    V Street, the new cookbook by married chefs Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby, features recipes inspired by global street food. Jacoby says the right techniques can coax "amazing flavor" out of vegetables.

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