Show 494: Peter Hook and Opinions on Passion Pit

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  1. Show 390: Peter Hook & Chance the Rapper Review

    interviewPeter Hook

    Joy Division only recorded two proper studio albums before lead singer Ian Curtis committed suicide in 1980. But those releases, a string of fantastic singles and Curtis‘ own legend continue to impact fans today. But, as is often the case with legends, there’s a lot of fiction amongst the fact. And Peter Hook, the hugely influential bass player in Joy Division and New Order, wants to clear a few things up in his book Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division. First, there’s the tragic image of Ian itself. True, he struggled with depression, a failing marriage and a debilitating case of epilepsy that would lead to his death. But, Peter describes a beer-drinking prankster full of joy when it came to the music. He also admits that he and the band weren’t initially crazy about the sparse, moody sound Joy Division fans so love today. Much of that credit goes to producer Martin Hannett. For more on Joy Division listen to this episode.

    Then of course we come to New Order’s bitter divorce. Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris and Peter achieved more success than Joy Division. They disbanded in 2006, but recently reunited without Peter. Listening to the interview you can hear the hard feelings, but Peter admits he‘d play with those amazing musicians anytime. So how did New Order fare on their recent release without Peter Hook? Check out Jim and Greg’s review.

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  2. New Order - Grieving in the Shadows [Full 1980 New Order Concert Bootleg]

    Full bootleg. Sourced from FLAC but converted to WAV for this video.

    1. In a Lonely Place 0:00
    2. Cries and Whispers 4:35
    3. Hour 8:24
    4. Procession 11:05
    5. Truth 13:45
    6. Mesh 19:14
    7. Dreams Never End 22:16
    8. Ceremony 26:06

    Live at Maxwell’s, Hoboken, New Jersey, USA (September 20, 1980). Soundboard recording.

    Bernard Sumner Peter Hook Stephen Morris

    Another recently released JD/NO recording, on another bootleg. This time, we got a soundboard recording of a 1980 New Order show, right after Ian’s suicide and before Gillian Gilbert joined the band. This gig took place during the first American tour.

    This period was notable for the fact all three members of the band would take turns singing the songs. Thus, you get singing from everyone. I’m sad to say neither Peter or Stephen sing that well, here, haha, but it’s a marvel to hear them nonetheless. Peter got MUCH better at singing later on, and Stephen sang better on the Western Works demos.

    Here’s a list of who sings what song, near as I can tell:

    In a Lonely Place: Bernard (main vocals), Peter (ending line of each verse) Cries and Whispers: Peter Hour: Peter Procession: Stephen Truth: Stephen Mesh: Peter Dreams Never End: Peter Ceremony: Bernard ("This is the last song"), Stephen (main verses), Peter (chorus)

    "In a Lonely Place" featur…

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  3. Episode 53: Peter Watts —— Blindsight (ft. Peter Watts)

    In which Pete and Connor are joined by a living legend of science fiction, Peter Watts. We discuss his contemporary classic novel Blindsight, but we also discuss love, legal misadventures, life itself… and sea cucumbers

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  4. Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel) Interview on WZRD Chicago 88.3 FM

    Bassist, Chapman Stick, Funk Fingers, you name it, Tony Levin is a man of great ambition and excellence. Levin has appeared on over 500 studio albums and is a current member of both King Crimson and Peter Gabriel. Tune in for a special interview with WZRD Chicago, asking in-depth questions about Crimson, Gabriel, the instruments he plays, plus he also shares some really interesting stories from early in his career. Tony just finished up a tour in Europe for King Crimson’s 50th Anniversary, 50 dates for 50 years, and will be here in Chicago on September 10th to continue at the beautiful Auditorium Theatre.

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