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  1. Email Infrastructure with Chris McFadden

    A company like Pinterest has millions of transactional emails to send to people. The scalability challenges of sending high volumes of email mean that it makes more sense for most companies to use an email as a service product rather than building their own.

    Chris McFadden is the VP of engineering and cloud operations at SparkPost and he joins the show to explain the architecture of SparkPost’s email as a service product. SparkPost started as an on-premise email technology for large enterprises, and evolved into a SaaS product. In 2014, the company migrated to the cloud, which has changed its infrastructure as well as its operational model.

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  2. Machining Partner Machining Service

    Machining Partner The Bridge Between Buyers and Suppliers Machining Partner is started out of frustration of seeing perfectly capable American Machine Shops close down and our friends and neighbors loose jobs, including our founder. With Machining Partner we hope to help you locate, connect and forge new business relationship and keep your doors open. Machining Sourcing Service: • Reduces manufacturing time and cost • Improves Competitive Edge • Increases Market Share • Eliminates the Need to Pay Sourcing Employees • Enables Comparison Shopping • Generates qualified machining leads • Allows machine shops to keep doors open • Stimulates hiring and local economy Use our Free machining sourcing services and machine shop marketing to your Competitive Advantage ! Visit Machining partner

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  3. 010: Email | CodePen Radio

    Email is the topic this week. Marketing email, transactional email, all kinds of email. It’s a fact of life in web apps. At CodePen we’ve used a variety of different tech to deal with it and had our share of ups and downs.

    Amazon SES (Simple Email Service)



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  4. BBC World Service - Documentaries, We Real Cool: The Poetry of Gwendolyn Brooks

    A portrait of African-American poet Gwendolyn Brooks, who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1950

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  5. What is a VSCO girl? Learn about the trend dominating teen fashion

    Young girls explain to TODAY’s Savannah Sellers what it means to be a VSCO girl, a new trend in girls’ fashion and social media. It comes with catchphrases like, “and I oop,” plus a uniform of baggy T-shirts, Birkenstocks, scrunchies, seashell chokers and more.

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  6. Episode 569: How To Divide An Imaginary Pie

    "Alex Blumberg is starting a business, a podcasting business. He’s recording himself as he starts the company, and he’s making a podcast about starting his podcasting company. Meta, right?

    But starting a business can be lonely. Alex wants a partner to share in the stress and the risk. Potential investors say they’d prefer to bet on a team, too. Today on the show, Alex searches for a business partner. There have been Hewlett and Packard, Procter and Gamble, and Ben and Jerry. Now, there is Blumberg and …"

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  7. 02: Ben Brooks of The Brooks Review - The Good Shows Podcast Network

    On the second episode of A Good Talk Show, I was joined by Ben Brooks, writer of The Brooks Review and co-host of The B&B Podcast on the 5by5 Network. We discussed how he got started writing, time management, the role of advertising on the web, and even found some time to chat about the TSA.

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  8. Finding the Road to Character - BYU Speeches

    David Brooks, respected political and cultural commentator, teaches about the importance of character and persevering through life’s challenges.

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  9. Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast : SRW 128 - AJ (Lee) Brooks

    AJ Brooks (fka AJ Lee) talks to Sam about her new book, her career, and more with Jim Norton.  Sam talks Undertaker, Wrestlemania, and moving forward in State of Wrestling.

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  10. David Brooks speaks at The Gathering

    David Brooks took the opportunity to say some hard things to us but in the kindest and gentlest way possible.

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