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  1. TMS 030: Taking Books to the Next Level with David Sparks | Think, Make, Sell.

    David Sparks is also known as MacSparky, the pseudonym he uses to write his blog of the same name. So far he’s written 6 books, the last four of them published under his own MacSparky Field Guides label and he also co-hosts the Mac Power Users podcast, where he and Katie Floyd tell listeners how to get the most out of their Apple products.

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    Takeway Points

    If you’re building a business on the side, try to use less busy times in your job to work on the business.

    If you’re having trouble finding time to work on your business, consider quitting TV or other time-consuming habits. It’s all about priorities.

    There’s a creator inside of everyone and being creative lets you live a richer life.

    The internet has democratized media, everyone can be a publisher now.

    Self-publishing means you get to say what you want, how you want and in as many words as you want.

    If you’re writing a tech book, self-publishing is probably going to be much more lucrative.

    iBooks is the place to be for books related to Apple products and technologies, but it’s still only a fraction of the size of Amazon’s Kindle in terms of sales.

    Don’t write your book in iBooks Author — it’s a layout tool not a writing environment.

    If you’re going to self-publish, hire an editor.

    Don’t get hung up on tools. Pick a place for your writing and write.

    Having multiple Web properties in the same niche can be very helpful in marketing a product.

    Creating an iBook that uses all or many of iBooks Author’s key features can help your chances of getting featured in the iBooks Store.

    Don’t be shy about cross-promoting your books from within the books themselves.

    The decision to quit your job and take your side business full-time should be obvious. If not, you need to think about it some more.

    If your first product is a success, it’s easy to think you’ve got it all figured out. Consider the chance that it might have been a fluke and try to validate the market with a second product in the same space.

    Have the courage to say no to things that take time away from what you really want to do.

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