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  3. TechTalk v2 (ep.5) - Amazon Dumpster Diving, Tech Event Closures, Nvidia 3080 GPU 😎

    Welcome to TechTalk v 2.0 episode 5 with Barnacules (aka. Jerry) and AuxxZillary (aka. Houston). The world is ending apparently so we’re just gonna talk about the stuff that really matters and then lots of stuff that doesn’t 😉

    👉 Time indexes will be added as they are provided to us in comments below 👈

    🔐 Protect yourself online with Nord VPN (Free month w/ Link Below) 🔐 https://nordvpn.com/barnacules

    📆 Tech Talk Schedule 📆 Every Saturday @ 10:00am PST right here

    👇 Find Barnacules (aka. Jerry)👇 http://twitch.tv/barnacules 👉 Morning Coffee LIVE http://twitter.com/barnacules 👉 Chat With Me http://instagram.com/barnacules http://patreon.com/Barnacules 👉 BTS Videos

    👇 Find AuxxZillary (aka. Houston) 👇 http://twitch.tv/auxxzillary 👉 Schedule on channel http://twitter.com/auxxzillary 👉 Most active social network http://instagram.com/auxxzillary

    Original video: https://youtu.be/-jNCPOM-SBg
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  5. Dr Cywes And Bosworth AlohaKeto Live

    Two of the top Medical Doctors in the Keto-sphere share some amazing and powerful knowledge on why its important to learn about the benefits of the Ketogenic way of living.

    Learn about the ravages and causes of carb addiction and why you may have been told in correct things when told, "fat is bad for you" or "cholesterol is going to give you a heart attack"

    Please follow the INCREDIBLE doctors on their mission to heal people through diet and knowledge:

    Dr. Robert Cywes MD, Phd: https://youtu.be/c2IQ3SJtaaA

    Dr Annette Bosworth MD: https://youtu.be/bsHqa4-g3Tw

    #Keto #Ketogenic #Lowcarb #Wholefood #Health

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyDIAb3ipaE
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