Writing, Measuring Success and Stoicism - Deep Dive with Ryan Holiday

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Ryan Holiday is the bestselling author of The Obstacle Is the Way, Ego Is the Enemy, Conspiracy and other books on Stoicism, culture, marketing and the human condition. He has sold over 2 million books with his work translated into over 30 languages. Ryan began his blog ten years ago and has since become known for his writing on Stoicism and how it applies to our societies and cultures today. In this conversation, we’ll talk about Stoicism as well as what he has learnt from writing his books and how they have influenced a range of different people.

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Books: Lives of the Stoics - https://geni.us/0JT1YZ Ego is the Enemy - https://geni.us/T7gZBB The Obstacle is the Way - https://geni.us/bUAZK The Daily Stoic - https://geni.us/TKNQ Stillness is the Key - https://geni.us/VMzN

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