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  1. Visual Personal Knowledge Management with Zsolt VicziƔn

    What is a visual Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) and how can it help you make connections between your notes? Zsolt Vizcain, developer of the Obsidian Excalidraw and Excalibrain plugins, joins me to talk about how to use his plugins to make your PKM system more visual.

    Zsolt makes videos too! Check his channel out: https://www.youtube.com/c/VisualPKM

    // TIMESTAMPS 00:00:00 Intro 00:01:04 Zsolt's background and PKM journey 00:09:22 Zsolt's notetaking methodologies 00:17:22 Excalidraw for book summaries 00:21:33 Feature preview - image block references 00:25:19 Publishing improves the quality of your work 00:27:15 Excalidraw scripts 00:37:21 What is Excalibrain? 00:48:44 Can you use Excalibrain without changing the way you take notes? 00:51:32 Inserting notes into Excalidraw 00:55:43 Tips for starting with Excalibrain 01:02:50 Our top 3 plugins

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