Conversations #3 - Tiago Forte

A Conversation With Entrepreneur, Productivity Coach, and Writer Tiago Forte—

In September, I sat down with coach, entrepreneur, and writer Tiago Forte. He is the creator of, which is: “on a mission to radically improve the effectiveness of human beings while making work a vehicle for personal growth.”

Originally published on our Substack newsletter:

Tiago is also the Founder of Forte Labs & Writer of the Praxis newsletter. His goal of helping people not just survive, but thrive, while working in modern times. “Together, we’ll expand the definition of modern knowledge work, experiment with new ways of doing more with less, and explore what it means to fulfill our human potential.”

Enjoy the conversation, and until next time - Ad Astra!

— Transcript:

Timestamps: - How growing up in a diverse cultural household shaped his worldview. (03:02) - Reading and books were always a huge influence on Tiago (04:37) - Especially the works of James Michener (06:14) - Studying abroad in Brazil, working in microfinance in Colombia, and serving in the Peace Corps in Ukraine (09:10) - Leaving the Peace Corp…

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