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  1. Dorm Room Tycoon

    Hiten Shah — Just like most things in life, building a product on the web is a learning process and you can’t have the answers from day 0 but you can have the right attitude to help you discover the right answers. Instead of worrying about being right, you should embrace being wrong

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  2. Dorm Room Tycoon

    Oliver Reichenstein — Don’t focus too much about what you see. Look at what people do with their hands. Don’t offer many ways to do things, offer one good way.

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  3. Dorm Room Tycoon

    David Cohen — Make it your goal to build a long term relationship with the mentor instead of focusing on what you can get from the person in the first meeting. Most importantly, make it easy and rewarding for the mentor to help you.

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  4. Dorm Room Tycoon

    Max Marmer — Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It is a life encompassing sport full of trials and tribulations. But if you dare to embark on the perilous journey you will find an opportunity like little else for authentic self expression, self discovery, and world altering impact.

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  5. Mixergy | Business Tips

    Shopify: Kill “Deal Lethargy” With Agile Business Development – with Harley Finkelstein — How do you use Agile Business Development to grow your business?

    Harley Finkelstein is the chief platform officer at Shopify, which allows individuals and businesses to create online stores. Last time he was here, he taught the basics of Agile Business Development. The interview was so popular, that I invited him back for more details.

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  6. Mixergy | Business Tips

    Just Listen: Discover The Secret To Getting Through To Absolutely Anyone – with Mark Goulston — How do you get people to do what you want in tough situations? The answer to that question is in the book Just Listen. It was written by Mark Goulston, a psychiatrist, consultant and business coach.

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  7. Mixergy | Business Tips

    Software by Rob: Lessons Learned By A Solo Entrepreneur – with Rob Walling — How does a developer quit his job and build a profitable collection of web sites?

    Rob Walling owns a collection of small startups, including HitTail, which guarantees that its customers will increase their organic search traffic, and dot net invoice, which helps you create your first invoice in 3 minutes.

    He blogs about how he built his companies and what he learns at I invited him to tell you his story.

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  8. Mixergy | Business Tips

    How To Recruit A-Players – with Jeff Hyman — How do you recruit A-Players who already have success in their DNA?

    Jeff Hyman was named The Matchmaker by Inc. Magazine. He directly hired and placed over 1,000 employees. He ran four recruiting companies and built one of the first online recruiting web sites. So you know he’s the right guy to turn to if you’re learning how to hire A-Players.

    His latest startup is Retrofit, which helps people lose at least 10% of their bodyweight and keep it off for over a year.

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  9. Mixergy | Business Tips

    From Scuba Diving Instructor to SEO Master… and an Extra $100,000 From Watching Mixergy – with Gabriel Machuret — In a past interview, did you hear me read an email from Gabriel Machuret, a search engine optimization consultant, who said that he earned $100,000 more last year because of Mixergy?

    When my mentor heard that, he said, “Andrew you should interview him.” But I was hesitant because I worried it might come across as too self-promotional. Then he said, “People want to see how viewers are using what they’re learning. At least try it once and see how it goes.” So that’s what we’re doing.

    And to make sure that this interview helps you get the kind of measurable results that Gabriel got, he and I went over specific tactics he learned from Mixergy, how he applied them and how you can use them in your business to get similar results.

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  10. Mixergy | Business Tips

    An Information Diet For Founders – with Clay Johnson — What does the founder of Twitter have in common with the Director of MIT Media Lab & the CEO of O’Reilly Media?

    They’re all on an information diet. Clay Johnson says that if you go on an information diet too, you’ll be more productive and efficient. Clay is the founder of Big Window Labs and Blue State Digital. He’s also the author of The Information Diet, which makes a case for conscious consumption.

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