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  1. Discovery

    last man, First Scientist on Moon — Kevin Fong talks to one of the last two men on the moon, forty years after the final Apollo 17 mission launched on 7th December 1972. As an Apollo astronaut, Harrison Schmitt was special. He was the only scientist ever to visit the lunar surface. The field work Dr Schmitt did among the craters, and the rocks he and his fellow astronauts brought back, transformed our knowledge of the Moon and the Earth. Harrison Schmitt also shares the human experience of running around another planet and explains why he thinks we should go back, and beyond.

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  2. WNYC’s Radiolab

    Shorts: Dark Side of the Earth — 200 miles above Earth’s surface, astronaut Dave Wolf — rocketing through the blackness of Earth’s shadow at 5 miles a second — floated out of the Mir Space Station on his very first spacewalk. In this short, he describes the extremes of light and dark in space, relives a heart-pounding close call, and shares one of the most tranquil moments of his life.

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  3. The Adam Carolla Show

    Tom Kenny & dave Dameshek — Tom Kenny chats with Adam about working with Tim Burton, impersonating Peter Lorre, and the sentencing of Jerry Sandusky. Dave Dameshek also returns to discuss this week in the NFL, Adam’s bachelor party, and the Creep of the Week.

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  4. The Adam Carolla Show

    Chris Elliott — Chris Elliott and Adam sit down one-on-one to discuss his new autobiography ‘The Guy Under the Sheets,’ working with David Letterman, and what to do when you fart in an elevator.

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  5. The Adam Carolla Show

    Jay Mohr — Jay Mohr drops by for a podcast about crazy cab drivers, debate reactions, and getting your book published. Adam also goes through some of his Favorited Tweets, and Alison reads the news.

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  6. Jordan, Jesse GO!

    Tis the Season with Bucky Sinister — Bucky Sinister joins Jesse and Jordan for a discussion of San Francisco tourist attractions, Jesse’s trip to Mexico, and the Rocket Scouts.

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  7. Jordan, Jesse GO!

    Now That’s Jungian with Kevin Allison — Kevin Allison from The State joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Las Vegas, Robert Krulwich, bicycle safety, and Kevin’s storytelling podcast and newest member of the Maximum Fun podcast family, RISK!.

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  8. The Adam Carolla Show

    Harland Williams — Harland Williams chats with the gang about MMA parties, the morning after pill, and Adam’s O’Reilly appearances. Adam also takes a call from Rich Eisen to discuss yesterday’s NFL touchdown debacle.

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