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  1. Discovery

    last man, First Scientist on Moon — Kevin Fong talks to one of the last two men on the moon, forty years after the final Apollo 17 mission launched on 7th December 1972. As an Apollo astronaut, Harrison Schmitt was special. He was the only scientist ever to visit the lunar surface. The field work Dr Schmitt did among the craters, and the rocks he and his fellow astronauts brought back, transformed our knowledge of the Moon and the Earth. Harrison Schmitt also shares the human experience of running around another planet and explains why he thinks we should go back, and beyond.

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  2. Big Picture Science

    As the Worlds Turn —If you’re itching it get away from it all, really get away from it all, have we got some exotic destinations for you. Mars … Jupiter’s moon Europa … asteroids . Tour some enticing worlds that are worlds away, but ripe for exploration. Also, why private spaceships may be just the ticket for getting yourself into space, unless you want to wait for a space elevator. And, why one science journalist boasts of an infectious, unabashed, and unbridled enthusiasm for space travel.

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  3. Stuff You Should Know

    How Black Holes Work —It wasn’t too long ago when black holes were strictly predictions in theoretical math. Over decades, astronomy has gotten better at uncovering these cosmic phenomena. Learn about how black holes form and their ability to spaghettify you in this episode.

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  4. WNYC’s Radiolab

    Shorts: Dark Side of the Earth — 200 miles above Earth’s surface, astronaut Dave Wolf — rocketing through the blackness of Earth’s shadow at 5 miles a second — floated out of the Mir Space Station on his very first spacewalk. In this short, he describes the extremes of light and dark in space, relives a heart-pounding close call, and shares one of the most tranquil moments of his life.

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  5. Big Picture Science

    The Invisible In-Between — To need air is human. Our lungs thank us for each breath we take. But air is more than a transporter of O2. It shapes our weather, keeps birds aloft and moves spores from here to there. A cubic foot of air is anything but “empty” (hot dog grease particles, anyone?). The same goes for space (minus the hot dog grease). It’s a happening place. Discover why interstellar space is more than a whole lot o’ nothing; and what happens when the Voyager spacecraft leaves our solar system. Plus, catch a skydiver in action!

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  6. Big Picture Science

    Seth’s Storm Shelter — Expect the unexpected when we go digging in Seth’s storm shelter – who knows what we’ll find! In this cramped never-never land, tucked between piles of dehydrated food packets and old civil defense helmets, we stumble (but don’t step) upon marauding ants … a mission to Pluto…. “evidence” of a spaceship crash … the Apollo astronaut who shot the “Earth Rise” photograph … and Jonah Lehrer meditating on creativity. Tune in, find out and, help move this box of canned soup, will you?

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