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  1. Designing for emotion with Aarron Walter | by epicBagel

    In this podcast, we speak with Aarron Walter, user experience design lead at MailChimp, about designing for emotion.

    Aarron talks about why and how MailChimp aimed not just for usable, but for a pleasurable user experience. We also discuss what's fuelled the emergence of emotional design, risks with emotional design and why emotional design should be led by the UX team.

    We also talk about what we can expect from Aarron's exciting new book, 'Designing for Emotion'. You can download an example of the design persona we discuss over at Aarron's blog.

    Aarron Walter, user experience designer (

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    'Designing for Emotion' (
    Design Persona (

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  2. TummelVision 92: Amber Case on Geoloqi, quantified selves, and emotion | Tummelvision

    HOSTED BY Heather Gold, Deborah Schultz, & Kevin Marks

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