The Vergecast 018 - 02.17.2012 | The Verge

Siri, what if The Vergecasters spent an entire Vergecast talking about TurboGrafx 16, rave fliers, notifications in OS X, and how to pronounce Paul’s name?

Frankly, I’ve wondered that myself. I don’t know. I would ask that you address your spiritual questions to someone more qualified to comment.

00:01:49 - Sony PlayStation Vita review
00:24:30 - Apple OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion preview: Notification Center, iMessage, AirPlay and more
01:07:00 - 5 Minutes on The Verge: Growl’s Christopher Forsythe
01:09:30 - Microsoft announces new Metro style logo for Windows 8
01:17:00 - Congress sends Apple letter filled with questions about iOS address book privacy
01:21:15 - Somebody’s watching: how a simple exploit lets strangers tap into private security cameras

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