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  1. BBC: Discovery

    The Age We Made 4/4 — Gaia Vince concludes her journey through the geological age humans have launched. After climate change and mass extinction, she now explores how cities, manufactured artefacts (from plastic bottles to mobile phones) and chemical pollution might become ‘fossilised’ and incorporated into the geological record. Some are bound to survive in crushed form for the rest of the Earth’s existence. Any distant-future geologist would recognise them as strange features unique in the planet’s 4 billion year rock record, and as evidence of a planetary shift into the new time period, which today’s geologists call the Anthropocene.


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  2. Discovery

    last man, First Scientist on Moon — Kevin Fong talks to one of the last two men on the moon, forty years after the final Apollo 17 mission launched on 7th December 1972. As an Apollo astronaut, Harrison Schmitt was special. He was the only scientist ever to visit the lunar surface. The field work Dr Schmitt did among the craters, and the rocks he and his fellow astronauts brought back, transformed our knowledge of the Moon and the Earth. Harrison Schmitt also shares the human experience of running around another planet and explains why he thinks we should go back, and beyond.

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  3. Big Picture Science

    Gene Hack, Man — Computers and DNA have a few things in common. Both use digital codes and are prone to viruses. And, it seems, both can be hacked. From restoring the flavor of tomatoes to hacking into the president’s DNA, discover the promise and peril of gene tinkering. Plus, computer hacking. Just how easy is it to break into your neighbor’s email account? What about the CIA’s? Also, one man’s concern that radio telescopes might pick up an alien computer virus.

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  4. Big Picture Science

    Doomsday Live, Part 2 — If there is only one show you hear about the end of the world, let it be this one. Recorded before a live audience at the Computer History Museum on October 27th, 2012, this two-part special broadcast of Big Picture Science separates fact from fiction in doomsday prediction. In this second episode: a global viral pandemic … climate change … and the threat of assimilation by super-intelligent machines.

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  5. Stuff You Should Know

    How vampires Work — Out of obligation, Chuck and Josh mention Twilight, but it is the longstanding vampire lore that gets the most attention in this examination of how the bloodsucking undead evolved from baby-stealing demonesses to suave counts in our collective psyche.


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  6. Stuff You Should Know

    Why isn't the U.S. on the Metric System? — The U.S. stands proudly defiant and the world looks at Americans as dopes for the U.S.’s stubborn refusal to go metric. However, the States have been going metric for about 150 years. Find out what’s the haps in this weighty and measured episode of SYSK.

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