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  1. The Great Chocolate Murders

    A BBC Radio adaptation of John Fletcher's play about Christiana Edmunds, the "Chocolate Cream Killer", who carried out a series of poisonings in Brighton in the early 1870's.

    When people start falling ill all over early 19th century Brighton, everyone thinks it's cholera due to the lack of proper sewers. Little do the police know that it's actually the work of a middle-aged spinster who, thwarted in love, its taking her revenge on all of the citizens of Brighton with very special montelimars and pralines.

    Obsession, bad drains, royalty, murder and chocolate all play their part …

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  2. First Men In The Moon

    n this exciting BBC Radio adaptation of the novel by H.G. Wells set in 1900, we join the eccentric professor Cavor (Sir Donald Sinden) and the rakish free loading Charles Bedford (James Bolam) on their extraordinary journey to the moon in a huge metal sphere resplendent with drape curtains, gentleman’s arm chairs and brass fittings.

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  3. Moby Dick (CBC, 1949)

    The 1949 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio adaptation, broadcast March 6, 1949 on CBC Stage 49 and starring Lorne Greene as Ahab.

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  4. The Assassin by Eric Saward 1 of 2

    There is an assassin on the loose in Victorian London. Actor and detective Richard Mace is called in to investigate…

    By 'Doctor Who' scriptwriter Eric Saward

    Two episodes of approximately 30 minutes each - first broadcast in 1974.

    With: ——- Carole Boyd John Hollis Geoffrey Matthews Alan Dudley William Eedle Leonard Fenton Fraser Kerr Diana Bishop Betty Huntley-Wright John Bryning Julian Fox

    Written by Eric Saward

    Produced by Roger Pine

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  5. Flight of a Witch - by Ellis Peters

    Ellis Peters' murder mystery dramatised for radio by Sally Hedges.

    Ellis Peters' murder mystery dramatised for radio by Sally Hedges.

    Tom Felse is a mathematician and not at all superstitious. However, a strange disappearance on the Hallowmount prompts him to investigate, revealing tales of witchcraft and ritualistic murder…

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  6. The Adventure Of The Pimlico Poisoner

    A BBC Radio adventure starring Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective, in which a broken leg is no barrier to leading the hunt for a real-life demon of Victorian crime … a man whom, it is said, claimed at the very moment of his execution that he was Jack the Ripper!

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  7. Peter Whalley The Trial

    Falling in love with a stranger has never been scarier: A gripping new thriller.

    Vibrant, young, attractive, Mollie Spiers, signs up to internet dating. When the man she arranges to meet looks suspicious she spontaneously sits next to another man, Colin, and hurriedly asks him to pretend they're on a date. Molly and Colin fall for each other and what seems like serendipity turns into a chilling thriller. As Mollie falls headlong in love Colin is arrested on a murder charge. As we inter-cut between murder trial and action, Mollie's own life is in danger.

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  8. The Mercury Theatre. October 30, 1938. Program #17. CBS net. “The War Of The Worlds”.

    The most famous radio show of all time. Mars invades New Jersey. Orson Welles (producer, director, host, performer), Dan Seymour (announcer), H. G. Wells (author), Howard Koch (adaptor), Paul Stewart (associate producer, adaptor, performer: doubles), Frank Readick (doubles), John Houseman (producer, adaptor, script editor), Bernard Herrmann (composer, conductor), Kenny Delmar (quadruples), Ray Collins (triples), Davidson Taylor (production supervisor), Ora Nichols (sound effects), Ray Kremer (sound effects), Jim Rogan (sound effects), John Dietz (sound engineer), Carl Frank (doubles), Richard Wilson (triples), William Alland (doubles), Stefan Schnabel, William Herz, Howard Smith.

    —Huffduffed by TimesPastOTR

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