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  1. 38. Simulated Worlds

    Simulated worlds, Civil war reenactments, wax museums, simulated coal mines, fake ethnic restaurants, an ersatz Medieval castle and other re-created worlds that thrive all across America.

    Aired 10.11.96

    —Huffduffed by ThisAmericanLife

  2. 37. The Job That Takes Over Your Life

    Radio producer Scott Carrier quit his job at a low moment in his life. His wife left him and took the kids. And he got a job interviewing schizophrenics for some medical researchers. After doing it for a while, he began to wonder if e was schizophrenic himself. And more stories.

    Aired 09.27.96.

    —Huffduffed by ThisAmericanLife

  3. 36. Letters

    Host Ira Glass and playwright David Hauptschein took out advertisements in Chicago inviting people to come to a small theatre with letters they’ve received, sent, or found.

    Aired 09.20.96

    —Huffduffed by ThisAmericanLife

  4. 33. A Night At The Weiner Circle

    Host Ira Glass spent a Saturday night - from 9pm to dawn the next morning - at one of the most frenetic, joyous, efficient, angry, boisterous hot dog stands in the nation: Chicago’s own Weiner Circle.

    Aired 08.23.96

    —Huffduffed by ThisAmericanLife

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