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  1. Dstar Net on the K5TIT Dstar Repeater Dallas, Texas

    TelescopeMan records part of the K5TIT Dstar repeater net on Sunday, March 9, 2014. Notice the good quality audio from ham radio operators located all around Texas and Oklahoma checking into the Net. The Dstar repeater is located in Dallas, Texas.


    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  2. Observing List- March 2014

    TelescopeMan gives his observing list for March 2014. Remember to adjust your viewing angle above the horizon- TelescopeMan lives at 32 degrees North, by 96 degrees West. UTC -6

    Music is by Snowflake under a Creative Commons license. See the music file for details. Clear skies,


    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  3. Good Ole Boys Radio Net- 40 meters

    40 meter amateur radio recording of the Good Ole Boys net on 7.279 from January 30, 2014.

    Recording will demonstrate the receive audio on this band. Make note of the location of each person (call sign and city) checking into the net. The recording was done by W1XWX located about 45 miles East of Dallas, Texas, using a Flex 3000 SDR radio.


    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  4. Dstar digital ham radio audio

    TelescopeMan records a Dstar QSO between several ham radio operators in Wisconsin, and also a QSO with some local Texas hams in Keller, Texas and Beaumont, Texas.

    Notice the clarity of the digital audio transmission and the dead silence between transmissions.

    73 and clear skies, TelescopeMan

    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  5. Flex 3000 Sound Recording December 2013

    TelescopeMan records the Flex 3000 SDR (Amateur Radio) while dialing around the 20 meter radio band. At the 5:30 mark you can also hear various digital signals along with CW signals.

    One of the last digital signals is slow scan TV — someone transmitting a picture. All of the digital signals can be decoded using the appropriate software such a FLdigi and Ham Radio Deluxe.

    TelescopeMan continues to be amazed at the capabilities of the Flex 3000 SDR radio. It’s simply unbelievable the weak signals it can receive and the quality of the software filters.

    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

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