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  1. Nap Eyes Mixtape

    With his "It’s Only Life, That’s All" playlist, Nap Eyes guitarist Brad Loughead created a mix "mainly as a way to occupy myself, [to] get lost in beautiful music and turn my brain off." It encompasses familiar themes—"of love, mortality, troubled times…’ya know, the light stuff," but like Nap Eyes’ fourth lp, Snapshot of a Beginner, it achieves a powerful effect by just easing on by.


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  2. Laser Time 1 – Star Wars spinoffs – Laser Time

    I know that I’m late to the Lasertime party but I had to comment when I heard you all discussing the Ewok movies, ie Caravan of Courage and it’s sequel. I loved those movies as a kid, simply adored them. However, I have not seen them recently soooo, yes they are probably very, very crappy and I just didn’t realize it at the time because I was a simple child, delighted by the googly ewok eyes. I’ve only seen one and a half episodes but I am hooked on Lasertime already, so keep up the great work and I will keep on listening and donate soon when I am not broke from Xmas shopping. Thanks for putting this together Chris and thanks for not abandoning TDar, it would not be the same without you on it in some capacity!


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  3. Tips on How to Draw Tears in Eyes Easy

    To depict realistic teardrops will not be a problem anymore. Here https://wowpencils.com/how-to-draw-tears/ is a simple tutorial about how to draw tears in eyes. It reviews the necessary art utensils and offers step-by-step instructions of the process. The technique takes little time and requires some patience, but it ensures the amazing true-to-life result.


    0:27 Important Utensils for This Drawing

    0:57 Step 1: Begin with Upper Eyelids

    1:42 Step 2: Add Eyelashes and Lower Eyelids

    2:30 Step 3: Eyebrows and Circles of Eyes

    3:22 Step 4: Drawing Tears in Eyes

    3:55 Step 5: Make Eyes Realistic

    4:32 Step 6: Hatchwork

    4:46 Conclusions

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  4. Idle Thumbs > Shows > Three Moves Ahead > Episodes > Your Lying Eyes

    October 15, 2011 The Escapist’s Greg Tito joins Rob and Troy to talk about A Game of Thrones: Genesis and to tell us about the Escapist’s epic Napoleon in Europe match. In the first half of they show they talk about how AGOT’s deception and diplomacy mechanics succeed in channeling aspects of Martin’s novels, and in the second half they get into the ways that Napoleon in Europe models the cycles of war, peace, and negotiation that marked Napoleonic Europe. Troy then tells Greg that the Escapist should be a wargame site. Then he explains why you should give 3MA money.

    Rob’s AGOT review Greg AGOT review

    Troy’s AGOT impressions

    BGG’s Napoleon in Europe page

    Discuss this episode in the Idle Forums


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  5. Half Man Half Biscuit: 2009 Roadwater gig

    A rare chance to catch this quintessential English band play a gig in the quintessential English setting of a rural village hall. Half Man Half Biscuit are playing an intimate and low key gig at Roadwater Village Hall in Somerset. A unique opportunity to see the band delivering some top Trad. Arr. Tunes at a top Trad. Arr. venue. While you’re there you could also check out the Quantocks.

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