Deadline Big Media With David Lieberman, Episode 47 -

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  4. Executive Producer Tim Gibbons can’t curb his enthusiasm for branded entertainment

    Tim Gibbons, Executive Producer of HBO’s hit show Curb Your Enthusiasm, joins The Brand Show to talk about how he has seen the entertainment industry transform over the last three decades. The self proclaimed "early adopter" shares how he uses technology to build the Curb Your Enthusiasm brand and what he thinks HBO could do to expand the show’s online presence. Tim offers his advice and shares his predictions for the future of brands and television.

    Tim also explores:

    * How technology is reinventing the entertainment industry.
    * Why he wants Larry David to start Twittering.
    * What brands can do to benefit from branded entertainment.

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    Canada’s poet, singer, philosopher of desire, and self described "grocer of despair" has died at the age of 82. His art touched the lives and the work of people and artists around the globe. What will you remember Leonard Cohen for?

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