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  1. Designing for emotion with Aarron Walter | by epicBagel

    In this podcast, we speak with Aarron Walter, user experience design lead at MailChimp, about designing for emotion.

    Aarron talks about why and how MailChimp aimed not just for usable, but for a pleasurable user experience. We also discuss what’s fuelled the emergence of emotional design, risks with emotional design and why emotional design should be led by the UX team.

    We also talk about what we can expect from Aarron’s exciting new book, ‘Designing for Emotion’. You can download an example of the design persona we discuss over at Aarron’s blog.

    Aarron Walter, user experience designer (

    Mailchimp (
    ‘Designing for Emotion’ (
    Design Persona (

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  2. Design for the Coder’s Mind: Reverse-Engineering Visual Design

    David Kadavy talks about some methods and principles behind the decisions the visual designers make. From BarCampChicago, 2008. Rather than a list of “do’s” and “don’ts,” David presents some concepts to look out for when observing design. If you don’t have 20 minutes to spare, check out the presentation on SlideShare:

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  3. Visual Composing: Document Design for Print and Digital Media, with Jo Mackiewicz | I'd Rather Be Writing

    Recently Jo Mackiewicz (Auburn University) and Kathryn Riley (Illinois Institute of Technology) published Visual Composing: Document Design for Print and Digital Media with Pearson. This book covers the visual side of document design, including all the design decisions from the font you use to the colors you choose to the tables, column widths, images types, and more. I interviewed Jo for a podcast about the book. In the podcast, we cover the following:

    Typography, including serif and san-serif fonts Font sizes, and recommendations for older users Characters per line — 35, 55, 75, or 95 characters long Color — complementary colors, Itten’s wheel, the psychology of color Headings and subheadings Background colors, negative and positive polarity Contrast in document design Dual-coding theory, and when aural and verbal conflict but not visual and verbal Reasons for gaps in graphic document design among technical writers File types for images Alignment — full justification versus ragged right Symmetry and professional versus playful tone

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  4. TummelVision 40: David Gray


    "This is the podcast where I say the f word and trash NYC. Shocking!"

    Dave Gray, visual thinker and CEO of XPLANE, talks with Heather Gold and Deb Schultz about gamestorming, design, and visual tummeling.

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  5. Marc Stickdorn – Service Design Thinking » UIE Brain Sparks

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  6. Stuff You Should Know

    Why Does Music Provoke Emotion? — A well-crafted piece of music can bring us to incredible highs and crushing lows, sometimes within the same song. Why does music affect humans this way? Join Chuck, Josh and special guest cellist Ben Sollee as they get to the bottom of music and emotion.

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  7. Episode 5: Creating the Visual Design by clarkbuck - Hear the world’s sounds

    Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio

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  8. Experience and the Emotion Commotion

    The competitive environment for technology is changing, and its impact on experience design is deep: capabilities, features, and functions are no longer enough. Emotional engagement will distinguish successful consumer experiences of the future. Designing in this world requires we change the way we think about people and products. This presentation provides a brief overview of a counter-intuitive emotional design approach and its application to one of the hallmarks of the next phase in interaction design: Natural User Interface.

    August de los Reyes is the Principal Director of User Experience for Microsoft Surface, a team dedicated to pioneering natural and intuitive ways to interact with technology.

    August is a member of the Advanced Studies Program at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design where he received an MDesS with Distinction for his research in product design and emotion. A guest design faculty member at the University of Washington, he was a 2007-2008 visiting associate at the Oxford Internet Institute. He is working on his next book entitled The Poetics of Everyday Objects.

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  9. SpoolCast: Visual Design for Web Applications with David Rivers

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  10. SpoolCast: Visual Design for the Non-Designer

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