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  1. Best podcast episodes ever: The 25 best from Serial to the Ricky Gervais Show.

    The best podcast episodes of all time? C’mon. How can you listen to 10 years’ worth of podcasts? Is something a podcast if it first aired on terrestrial radio? How do you weigh a rambling, bordering on chaotic comedy call-in show against an exquisitely edited and produced meditation on the…

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  2. Gigaom - The Structure Show - Rocket and Docker

    There was a major shakeup in the world of container-based computing this week when operating system provider CoreOS decided to get into the container space with a new open source project called Rocket. It’s a container runtime environment as well as a set of specifications for […]

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  3. Robin Williams - Reality, What a Concept!

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  4. You Made It Weird #217: Deepak Chopra « Nerdist

    I won’t get involved, except to say that there’s a difference between a comedian friend with some new-agey views and a fraud who stands to profit from the ideas they’ve fabricated and are pushing purely for their own benefit.

    I actually consider myself very open-minded. I lean towards science, but I find ghosts, astral projection, and the like to be very interesting discussion topics, and I would never rule out those ideas or the experiences people have had. I love when that stuff comes up naturally on the podcast.  That said, having people who specifically push these ideas, often for their own gain, is not ok.

    I understand that after a scientific guest you feel the need to balance it out with a guy like this, but they’re NOT the same thing. A scientist can fill a 90 minute episode because there’s a lot we as a species have learned about ourselves and our world. The other stuff is interesting and can be compelling when discussed with an open-minded (and ideally self-effacing) person, but it’s all almost purely speculation.

    Basically, I think you should tell the closed-minded listeners who hate whenever ghosts come up on the show to fuck off. It’s your show, they’re topics you’re interested in, and I enjoy hearing discussion of them too. But I also think that peddlers of misinformation like David Wolfe and Deepak Chopra have absolutely no place on the show. We’re only getting further away from the truth by lending them any legitimacy or airtime. I didn’t necessarily agree with every single thing Rob Bell said, but he was honest, humble, and approached all his points from a rational and reasonable place, and in doing so gave me a new perspective on religion. He also didn’t seem to be making things up out of thin air that he stood to benefit from. That’s the difference.

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  5. Special: One on One with a Hacker - ShopTalk

    Special: One on One with a Hacker

    March 24th, 2014     00:55:43

    Download MP3


    His fake name is “Earl Drudge”, an anagram of “Drug Dealer”. In early March 2014, he used some social engineering techniques and fake US federal documents to be granted full access to Chris’ servers. After missing the opportunity and a failed retaliation attempt, he posted sensitive personal information of Chris’ onto a site where not only can it never be removed, if it’s attempted to be removed becomes promoted.

    He agreed to talk with Chris directly and have it recorded for this show.

    We realize that this crosses the line of “feeding the trolls” or giving attention to “bad guys”, but we feel it relevant for our industry. Our lives and work are completely online and we’re all highly susceptible to types of hacks and identity theft. It should go without saying that you should not try to be a hero here: if you visit EarlDrudge’s site(s), try to expose his identity, or try to snoop around on him, you might actually put yourself in a position where you yourself might be vulnerable to being attacked. We advise you to simply listen.

    Update since the recording (from Chris): I was able to talk with Media Temple directly only hours after this conversation. One good end result is that they have changed their policy of how/when/what documents can be approved in which to grant access and who can do that. The retaliation attempt (“honeypot”) was verified to have been done by Media Temple. They were trying to catch the bad guy for me, and while I wish there was better communication about that, it’s nice to know they were trying to fight back on my behalf.

    Special: One on One with a Hacker [ 55:43 ] Download

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  6. Flaming Sword of Justice - The Minutemen Murders

    What happened to the Minutemen?

    A refresher: the Minutemen were the group that whipped up American conservatives into hysterics around the supposed issue of "border security" a few years back. They called themselves "a citizens’ Neighborhood Watch on our border," and organized press stunts in which armed white people would tromp around the border with Mexico and argue that they weren’t racist.

    You don’t hear from them so much anymore. Partly, that’s because their positions—and many of their former members—moved on to the Tea Party. But partly that’s because of the story you’ll hear in this episode. A story of cold-blooded murder.

    The journalist David Neiwert researched the tale for his new book, And Hell Followed With Her. And he joined us at the Netroots Nation conference in San Jose to tell the story on-air.

    If you want to understand the politics and the personalities of the hardcore right-wing end of the U.S. immigration debate—or if you just like a rivetingly blood-soaked story of zealotry, xenophobia, and bad ideas gone even worse, don’t miss this episode of The Flaming Sword of Justice.

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  7. EP100: Nightfall - Escape Pod : Escape Pod

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  8. Flaming Sword of Justice #56 - Turkey

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  9. December 2012 Project of the Month: JStock | SourceForge Community Blog

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  10. Award Winning Business Plan was a Complete Failure – How Dustin Wells Pivoted to Create a Million Dollar Business | How to Become A Millionaire: Eventual Millionaire - How to Become A Millionaire: Eventual Millionaire

    Dustin is the CEO of HeadSpring a custom software development and consulting firm. But that wasn’t his first business. In fact the first two business ideas he had completely failed, even though it had an award winning business plan.

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