The Most Sensible Debate on Hustle Culture and Work-Life Balance with Natalie Nagele and DHH - The Indie Hackers Podcast

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  1. Natalie Nagele (Wildbit)

    This week, I chat with Natalie Nagele, co-founder of Wildbit, makers of Beanstalk, Postmark and Deploybot.

    In this episode we talk about Wildbit’s 15-year history, building a remote team, shunning the traditional “open” office space, juggling multiple products, profit sharing, building a family business and a whole pile of other things!

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  2. Little Atoms podcast 464: Natalie Haynes

    Natalie Haynes is a writer and broadcaster. She is the author of The Amber Fury, which was shortlisted for the Scottish Crime Book of the Year award, and a non-fiction book about Ancient History, The Ancient Guide to Modern Life. She has written and presented two series of the BBC Radio 4 show, Natalie Haynes Stands Up for the Classics. In 2015, she was awarded the Classical Association Prize for her work in bringing Classics to a wider audience. Her latest novel is The Children of Jocasta.

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  3. Josh Long on Spring Boot, Spring Cloud and Microservices

    Josh Long talks about the philosophy behind Spring Boot and Spring Cloud. He also discusses some of the common distributed computing problems Pivotal are trying to solve - externalised configuration, service discovery, client-side load balancing, distributed tracing and so on, and talks about some major clients including Netflix, Baidu and Alibaba.

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  4. How to Choose Hiking Boots || REI

    Hiking boots have one job: to keep your feet happy from trailhead to your hike’s end. Our staff member explains exactly how to choose the boot that is best for you in this REI Expert Advice Video. Just remember: the level of support, boot materials and how the boot fits are the three main components in picking the ideal boot for your foot.

    Come into REI to ask any questions and to get the gear that is right for your next adventure.

    Check out REI’s selection of boots at:

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