Bright & Early | Ben Orenstein: Building for a Picky Niche

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  1. Episode 88: Hiring A Job | Bootstrapped with Kids Podcast: Entrepreneurship | Startups | Online Business

    Brecht and Scott talk about working not just to make money, but working to be where you want to be - and be happy. They talk about talking to their customers and what they've learned from it.

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  2. Indie Hackers | #033 – Finding Your Next Idea with Philippe Lehoux of

    Ever since he launched a profitable website as a teenager, Philippe Lehoux has had an uncanny ability to find something bigger and better to work on. Learn how a lifetime of experience as an entrepreneur has given him the confidence to move on from a business that brings in over $50,000/month.

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  3. Indie Hackers | #180 – From $0 to $5M Without Writing Any Code with Tara Reed of Apps Without Code

    At some point, Tara Reed (@TaraReed_) decided that she didn't want to build a funded, scale-at-all-costs, move-fast-and-break-things type of business. The trouble was, by the time she realized this, she was already headed down that path with investors, employees, and high expectations. In this episode, I talk to Tara about quitting one business to pursue a new idea, bootstrapping her way to $5M in annual revenue, and what she's learned about the future of no-code from teaching others to build no-code businesses.

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  4. Portugal Startups: Episode 1 - Good examples of Portuguese startups

    In this episode we will talk about three good examples of startups in Portugal:

    Metaclassy - Developers of the popular Mac/iOS App Store Byword. InvoiceXpress – Invoicing software with an API. Modelo3 – Handles IRS declarations, helping to save money. In a few days, we will publish (in English, this time!) the analysis we made of these companies.

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  5. Indie Hackers | #249 – The Keys to $1M/Year as a Solo Founder Brett Williams of DesignJoy

    Today I'm talking to Indie Hacker Brett Williams (@brettfromdj) who has built a $1M ARR "agency of one." In this episode we talk about how he manages 50 clients as a solo designer and has 10x'd his prices in the process.

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