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  1. 101 – “Winter Is Coming” – The Night’s Watch | Bald Move

    Welcome to the newest podcast in the Bald Move lineup, The Night’s Watch, a podcast devoted to HBO’s A Game of Thrones.  This marks a number of Bald Move “firsts”, it’s the first show we’re covering on “pay” cable, the first show where we’ll have it covered in order from the beginning, and it’s the introduction of a new host, Michael “Mad Brew” Brewer.  Michael is primarily known for his work in fantasy RPGs; he runs Mad Brew Labs, a blog site dedicated to RPGs, he co-founded Nevermet Press, which publishes content for game masters and players alike, and is the creator of Venture Captain, the premier Pathfinder character creator on the internet.  Michael is also a good friend of the rest of the Bald Move crew, and has helped us out on various podcasts over the years.

    I’m sure a lot of you are probably wondering, what happened to Jim?  Well, Jim famously hates fantasy.  But I love it, and the thought of not doing a podcast on HBO’s Game of Thrones made me feel like a Targaryen princess being fondled by her older brother; just thoroughly wrong and violated.  Fortunately, Michael volunteered to help out so I wouldn’t have to go solo.  Ah, the things we do for love.

    Now that our introductions are out of the way, you can get down to the serious business of meeting the roughly 47 thousand people that you will be following throughout this first season.  There’s Boromir, the King, the Queen and her sister fucking brother, sons bastard and true born, a half man, two sisters, one spunky and one more of a wet sandwich type, swarthy horsemen with long, swinging ponytails, a beautiful dragon princess with her creepy prince brother, a knight in exile, and hell we haven’t even gotten to the Spiders, maesters, and Littlefingers yet!

    As is our policy, we do not discuss ANY spoiler, TV or book related, in the main portion of the cast.  We save all such things for the spoiler section, and you have about 20 seconds of our theme music to switch off your player before you hear it.  Bear with us, we recorded all of these season one casts in the last few months.  I’m pretty sure we got a few names wrong, and I’m only finished with the first three books of the Song of Ice and Fire series, so if I get anything wrong in the spoilers and speculation portion of the cast, let me know.  If you want to shout us out, make corrections, or otherwise give us a piece of your mind, email us, check us out on Facebook, or Tweet it.  As always, we appreciate any love you can give us on iTunes, and your patronage on our amazon affiliate link,

    Speaking of our totally badass theme music, it was graciously provided to us by AlertTM, who you can also find on Facebook and Twitter.


    Podcast (game-of-thrones-podcast): Download (Duration: 1:05:40 — 37.6MB)

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