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  1. They Say That I Stole This

    Twenty years ago a series of lawsuits criminalized the hip-hop sampling of artists like Hank Shocklee and Public Enemy. And yet, two decades later, artists like Girl Talk have found success breaking those same sampling laws. OTM producer Jamie York talks to Girl Talk, Shocklee and Duke Law professor James Boyle about two decades of sampling - on both sides of the law.

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  2. Discreet Music – Matthewdavid | Red Bull Radio

    The Los Angeles-based new age producer and Leaving Records founder discusses the healing power of music with Sam Hockley-Smith.

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  3. Discreet Music – Pop Ambient | Red Bull Radio

    Sam Hockley-Smith surveys Kompakt’s long-running compilation series, from its debut in 2001 through to the present.

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  4. Fireside Chat – Big K.R.I.T. | Red Bull Radio

    How the Mississippi rapper went from promising new voice from the rural South to music coordinator for Bun B.

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  5. Discreet Music – Berlin Ambient | Red Bull Radio

    Sam Hockley-Smith surveys the ambient history of Europe’s unofficial techno capital, from Tangerine Dream to Alva Noto and Kangding Ray.

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  6. This Side of Nowhere with Veronica Vasicka – The Women of French ’80s Synth Pop | Red Bull Radio

    We dive into music from the leading women of France’s underground synth pop scene, featuring Nini Raviolette, Deux and X-Ray Pop.

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  7. Instrumental Instruments – The Fairlight | Red Bull Radio

    JJ Jeczalik and Com Truise feature as Jordan Rothlein looks at the game-changing, awesomely retro sampler and synthesizer.

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  8. On the Floor – Flava D (UKG Special) at XOYO | Red Bull Radio

    The Eskibeat rude girl plays a high-octane set of strictly UK garage cuts – listen back.

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  9. Peak Time – Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa | Red Bull Radio

    The unlikely duo of a guitar virtuoso and shibuya-kei artist discuss their latest layered, looping, pedal-heavy release, Are Euphoria.

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