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Jeune webzine mode féminine et sneakers, est avant une plateforme de rencontre entre passionnés. Souhaitant développer l’aspect communautaire autour du marketing et des promotions, seront disponibles sur notre site web des galleries permettant aux artistes de ce mouvement de pouvoir partager leur travail : musique, photographie, autant d’éléments qui accentuent la force du mouvement des sneakers addict.

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  1. Stuff You Should Know

    How Music Sampling Works — Today music sampling is a common practice, especially in electronic or hip-hop music. But how does it work? After all, other artists made the original music, and most of them would presumably like to be paid. Tune in to learn more about music sampling.

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  2. Mac Power Users #264: Workflows with John Gruber - Relay FM

    Katie and David sit down with John Gruber of Daring Fireball to discuss the origins of his site, how he finds and publishes the news and how he uses his Mac and iOS.

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