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  1. Close out a thoroughly unfunny 2017 with a hilarious compendium of the year’s best standup on Bullseye / Boing Boing

    Every year, Jesse Thorn dedicates the final episode of his Bullseye podcast to a compendium of the year's best standup comedy albums (here's last year's); this year's installment is just out (MP3), and it's a must-listen tonic for difficult times.

    Dana Gould - Mr Funny ManKate Willett - Glass GutterJosh Gondelman - Live at

    Max Fun Con EastRoy Wood, Jr. - Father FigureJackie Kashian - I Am Not The Hero Of This StoryShane Torres - Established 1981Myq Kaplan - No KiddingCameron Esposito & Rhea Butcher - Back to BackDave Anthony - Hot HeadDavid Gborie - Live at Max Fun Con

    WestJoel Kim Booster - Model MinorityChris Gethard - Career SuicideJanelle James -

    Black and MildSolomon Georgio - Homonegro SuperiorCristela Alonzo - Live at Max Fun Con East

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  2. One-on-Ones Part 2 | Manager Tools

    Mark and Mike,

    I just started

    Mark and Mike,

    I just started listening to your podcasts this week, and they've been very helpful.

    I've begun rescheduling my one-on-ones to your format, and I'll let you know how it goes.

    I'll also comment on OneNote, as I've been using it to document my one on ones for a year now after previously using paper.

    It works well if you use a "Section" for each employee, which mirrors your suggestion of a notebook per employee.

    You can easily convert the tracking form to a "template", and it is pretty convienent.

    I've also used it on a tablet pc.

    Having done this for a year using both a tablet and a monitor/keyboard at my desk, I wouldn't say the OneNote solution offers a lot of improvment over a pen and paper based one.

    If you are using an actual TabletPC, I find the writing surface and ergonomics of it distracting relative to an actual piece of paper.

    And the key here is to be focused on the meeting, not your note taking aparatus.

    With a notebook or a keyboard/monitor, I can take notes effectivly (personally I type way better than I write).

    I'm wondering though, how you feel about using notebook PCs in meetings.

    I have this gut instinct that my employee feels like I have less of his attention if I have a computer in front of me. (off to the side, technically).

    I'm only taking/looking at notes, but perhaps I'd be better off back on pen and paper.

    The only advantages I've really seen to OneNote is it saves space for storing notebooks, and I have searched for information a few times and found it.

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  3. Free MP3 of Inbox Zero talk | 43 Folders

    The 43 Folders Podcast 43F Podcast: Inbox Zero - Google Tech Talk A lot of folks with slower connections (or who just aren't crazy about internet video) have written to request an audio version of the Tech Talk on Inbox Zero I gave at Google last Monday.

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