2083 - A Cyberpunk Ambient Journey - Moody & Ethereal Sci Fi Music

This one is quite calm and moody. Hope you enjoy :) SEO: I create ambient space music, ambient sci fi music, ambient cyberpunk music, ambient fantasy music to be used as ambient background music. You can use the music as ambient music for study, ambient music for focus, ambient music for work, ambient music for sleep, ambient music for relaxation, ambient music for reading, ambient music for writing - whatever really :) All my ambient music contains rain ambience or nature ambience. My music is best described as atmospheric ambient music, soothing ambient music, relaxing ambient music, tranquil ambient music, ethereal ambient music, cinematic ambient music, dark ambient music.

Note: All music on this channel is not to be used without permission. It's made for this channel only and is protected by Youtube Copyright law.

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Programs & equipment!

AUDIO CREATED WITH: Propellerhead Reason Audition Reaper Waves Plugins

VISUALS CREATED WITH: Photoshop Premiere Pro After Effects (Created these visuals in AE)


Nikon Z6 Sony PCM D100 Zoom H family Galaxy S9 Galaxy S21 Shure SRH1540 BD DT 1770 Pro

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRhxUFs6YAc&ab_channel=SpaceWave-CosmicRelaxation
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