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  1. The Projection Booth Podcast: Episode 57: Night Dreams (1981)

    An avant-garde adult film, Night Dreams shows the erotic fantasies of Mrs. Van Houten (Dorothy La May) in nightmarish detail. Directed by F.X. Pope (Francis Delia), the film was written by Jerry Stahl and Stephen Sayadian.

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  2. Steven Benedict - McCabe & Mrs. Miller

    Critics have long called Robert Altman’s 1971 picture a revisionist western. Truth is, the western has always been revising itself.

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  3. Film Junk Podcast Episode #729: The Lighthouse - Film Junk

    0:00 – Intro14:30 – Review: The Lighthouse40:50 – Hot Topic: Netflix Introducing Variable Playback Speed1:11:40 – Other Stuff We Watched: Danger: Diabolik, Unmasked Part 25, High Life, The Laundromat, Tales from the Hood, Dennis the Menace1:44:00 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray1:44:55 – Outro1:48:55 – Spoiler Discussion: The Lighthouse

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  4. SELLING YOUR SCREENPLAY: Actor Turned Writer/Director Cal Barnes Talks About His Latest Feature, The Astrid Experience - Script Magazine

    Ashley Scott Meyers talks with writer/director (and actor) Cal Barnes about his move from Oregon to Los Angeles, what he did when he arrived, and how he’s been able to get himself into a position to write and direct a feature film.

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  5. I Do Movies Badly: The Tree of Life - Battleship Pretension

    The Tree of Life kicks off with a Bible quote from a book that should signal to you that – surprise! – there will be no easy answers. But when it comes to themes like creation, existence, significance, and memory, there…

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