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  1. On Story 803: A Conversation with Kenneth Lonergan

    Academy Award-winning writer-director Kenneth Lonergan compares screenwriting with playwriting, protecting his personal relationship with his work, and being open to mistakes in this episode. With over 90 nominations for his work, a resume that includes Manchester by the Sea, Gangs of New York, and You Can Count on Me, this conversation with a master storyteller is not to be missed.

    On Story offers a behind-the-scenes look into the process of screenwriting and filmmaking from acclaimed screenwriters, showrunners, directors, and producers. All of our interviews are recorded at Austin Film Festival’s conference, festival, and year round events.

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  2. NYFF52: “Inherent Vice” Press Conference | Paul Thomas Anderson + Cast

    Paul Thomas Anderson and cast of "Inherent Vice" discuss adapting the Thomas Pynchon novel for the screen at a press conference during the 52nd New York Film Festival, where the film had its World Premiere.

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  3. Episode 35: Paul Thomas Anderson — Director’s Club

    Steve Prokopy AKA Capone from Ain’t It Cool News, joins us for a live

    discussion on the incredible Paul Thomas Anderson, a well-respected master

    of filmmaking.  Despite touching upon all five of his films throughout the

    conversation, we mainly focus on MAGNOLIA and THERE WILL BE BLOOD in

    particular.  In addition, Steve reviews CHERNOBYL DIARIES, Jim finally

    watched FIVE EASY PIECES, and Patrick continues his J-horror journey with

    UZUMAKI (Spiral).   


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    Director Paul Thomas Anderson joins Marc in the garage for a thorough discussion of each and every one of Paul’s films, including his latest, Inherent Vice.

    Maya talks about filming while pregnant and explains what it was like to act in a movie that her husband Paul Thomas Anderson was directing. SUBSCRIBE to .

    In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, director Paul Thomas Anderson was asked about the state of American filmmaking and the criticism of superhero films.

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  5. Paul Thomas Anderson talks BOOGIE NIGHTS in 29-minute 1997 interview

    29-Minute ‘Boogie Nights’ interview with Paul Thomas Anderson by Elvis Mitchell for KCRW http://www.kcrw.com/

    Great read: Livin’ Thing: An Oral History of ‘Boogie Nights’ http://grantland.com/features/boogie-nights/

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iRCfXDkHIc
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  6. Discussing The Social Network (David Fincher Analysis)

    Mark’ my words - The Social Network is the best film of the last ten years and the ultimate defining work of the decade. It is the Citizen Kane of my generation. The Social Network is a very touching and revealing character study of a troubled young man who will become wholly emblematic of his time and place.

    I really hope you enjoy the discussion my friends and I had about the film. We get into some deep corners and mine a lot of insight from Fincher and Sorkin’s masterwork.

    My Twitter: https://twitter.com/caricatureofzac

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  7. Nicolas Winding Refn on The Act of Seeing | BFI

    Having bought a collection of more than 1,000 exploitation film posters, Drive (2011) director Nicolas Winding Refn created a book entitled ‘The Act of Seeing’ with author Alan Jones. Refn reveals how he selected the posters included in the book, while Jones explains the painstaking research involved in his contribution.

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