How to Keep Readers Reading - Live Training Replay

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In this training, we covered: - How to Get Your Readers to Care. The one key way to get your reader to connect to your protagonist and care what happens to them. - The Importance of SAM. How to get extremely clear on who you are telling your story to so the reader will connect to your writing. - The Story Relevance Filter. The tool that will ensure you know what to cut from your writing and what to keep so your reader doesn’t get distracted or bored.

00:00 - Introduction 13:08 - Story Grid Trinity Planes 17:15 - Beat Structure → Input / Output 24:07 - Beats and Five Commandments 27:55 - The Role of the Protagonist 34:37 - SAM: Single Audience Member 39:49 - Narrative Device 52:36 - Double Factor Problem 55:43 - Relevance Filtering 58:35 - Example: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien 1:04:49 - Join the Story Grid Guild 1:23:02 - Q&A

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