The Psychology of Method Acting

Join Carlos as explores the psychology of method acting with Dr. Beguiristain. Do you have a favorite method actor? Comment below!

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Theatrical Realism was an American film movement of the 1950s noted for its high aspirations to create a significant ‘art’ cinema. Ironically, the films that comprise this movement are virtually forgotten today. As Hollywood’s continuation of the Italian Neo-Realist movement, Theatrical Realism was a direct result of the confluence of "Method Acting" as taught by Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio, the screen adaptations of the plays of Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, William Inge and Truman Capote, as well as the teleplays of the Golden Age of Television by Paddy Chayefsky, Rod Serling, Horton Foote and Robert Alan Aurthur, among others.

What is method acting? What is sense memory? What are the benefits of improvisation? How does out of character development work? What are some examples of the animal exercises and what are the benefits? Does an actor have to be emotionally healthy to do method acting?

Dr. Mario Beguiristain joined the full-time faculty at Miami Dade Colleg…

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