Christopher McDougall presents Natural Born Heroes

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To celebrate the UK launch of Christopher McDougall’s new book: Natural Born Heroes: The Lost Secrets of Strength and Endurance.

With the help of some of the stars of the story VIVOBAREFOOT hosted the internationally bestselling author of the phenomenon which is Born to Run.

Christopher McDougall invited an exclusive line-up of his heroes and heroines for an evening of talks, demos and Q&As. Shirley Darlington, Daniel Edwardes and the Parkour Generations team will be performing a live parkour performance showing how Natural Born Heroes move, Tara Wood of Wildfitness will talk re-wilding and the ancient athleticism of Crete, the island at the heart of this World War II adventure tale.

The event was hosted by Founder and Managing Director of VIVOBAREFOOT, Galahad Clark. Chris has decided to once again partner with footwear manufacturers VIVOBAREFOOT. After striking a relationship many years ago over functional footwear, beer and stories about running: VIVOBAREFOOT owner Galahad Clark welcomed Chris back to these British shores.

About Christopher McDougall Christopher McDougall is the author of Born to Run: The hidden tribe, the ultra-runners, and the Greatest Race the World Has Ne…

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