Adam Kuper: Dr Seligman and the Islanders: considering Charles Seligman and his work

Speaker(s): Professor Adam Kuper Chair: Professor Deborah James

Recorded on 1 March 2012 in Thai Theatre, New Academic Building.

Adam Kuper, who has written widely on the history and theory of anthropology, introduces the work of Charles Seligman, founder of LSE Anthropology, pioneer of fieldwork techniques, and medical doctor who devised means of treating servicemen for shell-shock. He gives insights into Seligman’s journals and research notes housed in LSE Library, and provides commentary on Jonathan Miller’s documentary about the 1898 Torres Straits expedition: ‘Dr Miller and the Islanders’, which reveals the problematic racist overtones of the views of late 19th century anthropology. The documentary will be shown after Adam Kuper’s talk.

Olivia Seligman, radio producer and member of the Seligman family, and students from LSE Anthropology will read extracts from Seligman’s journals and letters.

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