Poem found at Chesters Museum, Hadrian’s Wall, by Frances Horowitz

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  1. The History of Rome

    81: The Greekling — Though Hadrian’s career had long been guided by Trajan, when the Emperor died in 117 he still had not named Hadrian heir.

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  2. The History of Rome

    82: Hadrian’s Walls — Hadrian’s reign got off to a rough start following the political murders of four ex-consuls. The new Emperor would eventually settle in though and set out on his first grand tour of the Empire in 121.

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  3. Allusionist 6: The Writing on the Wall

    Those words on museum walls that you can’t be bothered to read? They’re more important than you think…

    Exhibition-maker Rachel Souhami tells us why.


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  4. #211: Ask Frances - Difficult Conversations, Small Talk, and Charisma

    A few months back, we had Frances Cole Jones on the show. She’s the author of How to Wow: Proven Strategies for Selling Your Brilliant Self in Any Situation.

    At the end of that show, Frances directed our listeners to her website to ask her any question about how to better present oneself. She was flooded with questions from AoM podcast listeners, and today I have Frances back on the show to answer some of those.

    We cover difficult conversations, how to bolster your small talk skills, and specific tips for developing your charisma.


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  5. Frances and Bernard, a Novel By Carlene Bauer

    Carlene Bauer talks about her new novel, Frances and Bernard, Inspired by the lives of Flannery O’Connor and Robert Lowell. In the summer of 1957, Frances and Bernard meet at an artists’ colony. He writes her a letter, and soon they are immersed in the kind of fast, deep friendship that can take over—and change the course of—our lives.

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  6. A Conversation With Ben Horowitz

    Ben Horowitz, co-founder and general partner of Andreessen Horowitz, is one of Silicon Valley’s most successful venture capitalists. The firm he built with co-founder Marc Andreesen has picked some of the tech world’s biggest winners, including Facebook, Box, Airbnb and Twitter. Horowitz will sit down with journalist Kara Swisher to share advice and anecdotes from his hard-earned rise. Known for his trademark humor and straight talk, Horowitz will draw from his most personal, humbling life experiences. Whether you’re an entrepreneur with little more than the germ of an idea or a CEO who has climbed to the top and is running an empire, you will benefit from hearing Horowitz discuss challenges and issues that confront leaders at every level.

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  7. Materiality: a new science fiction story for the Oslo Architecture Triennale about sustainable, green abundance / Boing Boing

    In my latest podcast (MP3), I read my short story "Materiality," which was commissioned for Gross Ideas: Tales of Tomorrow’s Architecture, a book edited by Edwina Attlee, Phineas Harper and Maria Smith that is part of the Oslo Architecture Triennale. The editors pitched me on writing a story about sustainability and de-financialization in architecture, and…


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  8. terrain-the-political-materiality-of-territory

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  9. View From Nearly 99: Frances Kolarek Reflects On Politics, And Change : NPR

    Former newspaper reporter Frances Kolarek was born in 1917, before women won the right to vote. She calls Hillary Clinton the most qualified presidential candidate she’s seen in her lifetime.


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  10. Trash or treasure? Rural museums struggle with growing collections - Bush Telegraph - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Have regional and rural museums collected far too much material? The burden of maintaining and sustaining the collections of hundreds of thousands of curios will soon fall to a new generation.


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