Rachel Andrew — Core CSS3

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  1. Dan Rubin – CSS3 for Everyone » UIE Brain Sparks

    "… Incorporating CSS3 into your designs allows you to create innovative designs with less code and reliance on images. The level of compatibility with many of the browser options out there is already impressive and it continues to grow. Taking advantage of the new CSS3 features helps to shift heavier visual elements to the browser itself." http://www.uie.com/brainsparks/2011/07/28/dan-rubin-css3-for-everyone/

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  2. Patrick Lauke — Brave New World of HTML5

    HTML5 was orig i nally called Web Applications 1.0, but that doesn’t mean it’s only for scripters – there’s plenty for markup mon keys as well as JavaScript junkies.

    We’ll look at new struc tural ele ments in HTML5, and how they can boost acces si bil ity, how to style them (even in IE!). We’ll check out how new seman tics can reduce the JS you need to write/​copy by adding func tion al ity natively to the browser, and how to add sexy open stan dard video to your pages with no Flash, no JavaScript, just a big hunk o’ open-​​web love.

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  3. Stephanie Sullivan Rewis and Greg Rewis – What Designers Need to Know About HTML5 and CSS3 » UIE Brain Sparks

    The introduction of CSS3 and HTML5 brings with it a host of new capabilities. With most modern browsers supporting CSS3 and HTML5, implementing them into your designs is becoming easier. Understanding what is now possible with these new standards can help you create better designs more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

    Stephanie Sullivan Rewis and Greg Rewis will be presenting a full day workshop at the User Interface 16 Conference November 7-9 in Boston. They’ll dive into what the introduction of HTML5 and CSS3 means for designers and developers, and what you can accomplish today by putting it into practice.


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  4. CSS3 Design with HTML5

    As HTML5 and CSS3 gets written, browser vendors are already incorporating their new features allowing for greater design and functionality. However, some major browsers haven’t. How should developers build for a constantly moving target? This panel discusses dealing with those older browsers and embracing new Web design technologies with practical HTML5 and CSS3 demonstrations.

    From http://sxsw.com/node/5013

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  5. CSSconf EU 2014 | Rachel Andrew: CSS Grid Layout

    Rachel Andrew is a CSS Grid Layout module superfan. It’s the layout method she’s been waiting for ever since she started dabbling in CSS for layout in the late 90s. Having tracked development of the module from the early days of the IE10 implementation, she is very excited to see it come to life in Chrome. In this talk Rachel will show you how Grid Layout works, and explain why you should become a fan of Grid Layout too.

    https://twitter.com/rachelandrew http://www.rachelandrew.co.uk/

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRexIOtGhBU
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