Gomez of Gomez Sim Industries Interview - The Masters Of High End Wheels.

ADAC Sim Racing Expo provided many great tidbits of news and imagery to tease the everyday sim racer. In some cases we are able to make some great friendships and setup things for the future here on The Simpit.

Ameer Assad of The Simpit was able to meet Gomez of Gomez Sim Industries at the show and was also able to sit down with him and talk about sim racing and GSI and their products. Unfortunately the audio of that vide had too much background noise so we setup another interview.

Today, Shaun Cole of the Simpit will conduct the interview with someone as passionate about sim racing as he is. Gomez makes some of the nicest sim racing wheels available to sim racers. He also streams the builds of the wheels as he makes them. That is very cool and very dedicated.

In this interview we will find out how he got into sim racing and what makes GSI Steering wheels so unique and special.


Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pTxH1b95Go&list=WL&index=5
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