Card Driven Games - Design Discussion with Mark Herman, Volko Ruhnke & Jason Matthews

Card Driven Games is one of the most popular modern families of wargames. From We The People to Twilight Struggle, those games cover a wide range of scales and historical situations. I invited 3 of the most influential designer of CDGs to discuss the history of CDG, its current state and the future that they see for those games. - Mark Herman: CDG pioneer, designer of Empire of The Sun, Churchill, and so many more - Jason Matthews: making CDGs go beyond traditional wargames with games such as Twilight Struggle or 1960 Making of a President - Volko Ruhnke: known for his COIN series but also for some of the most interesting Card Driven Wargames like Wilderness War or Labyrinth

  • Timecodes - Intro: 00:20 Part 1 - History & Definition : 06:42 Part 2 - Current State of CDGs : 43:24 Interlude - Top 3 CDGs : 01:25:02 Part 3 - The Future of CDGs : 01:40:08

Sources: BGG thread about the Evolution of CDGs & David Dockter’s infography:

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