ASSETTO CORSA HITS €100 MILLION: Exclusive Developer Interview with Marco Massarutto

The Assetto Corsa franchise has just reached a huge sales milestone. What’s next? We had a chat with Marco Massarutto, co-founder and executive manager of Kunos Simulazioni, to find out.

0:00 Intro 0:32 Sales Milestone 1:16 Original goal of Assetto Corsa 2:28 The leap from PC to consoles 3:58 Why Assetto Corsa Competizione is a separate title 8:43 Stefano Casillo and Kunos today 10:25 The future of Assetto Corsa 11:58 The new consoles 15:39 Will Kunos stick with Unreal Engine? 19:57 Assetto Corsa and game mods 25:05 The Nurburgring and the Assetto Corsa vision 27:54 Assetto Corsa and esports 33:30 Valerio Piersanti hired from Ferrari 35:58 The cat in the Kunos Simulazioni logo

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