Notes To Spare (Episode 2) - Cory Wong


Cory Wong - Guitar Ariel Posen - Guitar Julian Bradford - Bass Ash Soan - Drums David Meszaros - Mix

I released my sophomore album ‘Headway’ on March 5th. This was my second experience writing, recording and releasing my own music. I brought a lot of lessons from my first album forward into the creation of Headway and although it was definitely a smoother process, I still found myself continuing to learn throughout this release. There’s just so much to know about the music industry that extends beyond the music itself.

Once the dust started to settle and I was able to take stock of everything that had occurred, I began wondering about the experiences of my peers and artists who have been releasing music for longer than me. In particular, I’ve found the transition from working purely as a guitar player to becoming an ‘artist’ to be a really interesting challenge. I began reaching out to friends and colleagues for first-hand opinions and advice on the subject and received some really enthusiastic responses as I think there really is a bigger story to tell here and this is something that could be helpful to a lot of musicians and artists on a similar path.

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