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Julia had the absolute pleasure to chat with Michael League, the bassist, multi-instrumentalist and musical mastermind behind Snarky Puppy and Bokanté. Talking about his solo record that will be released this year, deep diving into music and composition and talking about life in general…

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Interesting bits and pieces: 0:00 Intro 0:23 The Idea behind recording the solo album 3:30 Recording vocals 5:52 Recording drums and percussion 7:14 Songwriting process 9:55 Album release date? 11:00 Youtube and how it influenced musicians 14:13 Developing your own musical vocabulary 16:39 How did you start writing music? 18:10 Classical vs. non-classical perspective 20:11 Musical influence from living in Europe? 23:55 Musical tradition and identity 27:12 Practising a new instrument 29:32 Julia juggles 30:57 What would you do if you were not a musician? 32:53 Plans for the future 36:24 Thanks Michael!

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