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  1. Adapt #18: Fixing Multitasking - Relay FM

    Multitasking is key to using the iPad as a primary computer, but the current drag and drop-centric system is flawed. Ryan shares his idea for a new approach, then Federico details his email app discoveries.

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  2. Intego Mac Podcast: Changes Coming to macOS Server

    Apple is simplifying its macOS Server software, and we discuss what you may want to do if you use this software. We also look at some recent news, such as how a Mac user was able to track a Mac his sold for three years, and how a company claims they can unlock every iPhone.

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  3. Canvas #54: Managing Your Smart Home from iOS - Relay FM

    This week, Federico schools Fraser in the ways of Apple HomeKit and HomeKit compatible accessories.

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  4. Flashpoint - Collective Intelligence Podcast, Episode 2 Patrick Wardle

    Episode 2 of the Collective Intelligence Podcast features an interview with well-known Mac security researcher Patrick Wardle, chief research officer of Digita Security. Patrick has done important work uncovering vulnerabilities affecting the MacOS platform, as well as researching malware samples targeting Mac machines. 

    In this episode, Flashpoint Editorial Director Mike Mimoso and Patrick discuss two pieces of Mac malware that have been made public since the start of the year. The first is CrossRAT, a remote access Trojan linked to a global cyber espionage campaign called Dark Caracal, while the other is MaMi, a MacOS DNS hijacker that also has the ability to replace a machine’s root certificate and spy on the user’s web traffic. 

    Mike and Patrick also have a bigger discussion on the continued misperceptions around the security of Mac computers and why it’s important for users to understand the risks to a platform many still believe to be impervious to hackers. 

    Read Patrick’s research on CrossRAT and MaMi. 

    Download the podcast here, or listen below. 

    The Collective Intelligence Podcast, presented by Flashpoint and hosted by Editorial Director Mike Mimoso, features regular interviews with a diverse set of industry experts and Flashpoint analysts on the latest information security news and industry trends.

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  5. The Menu Bar: Episode 02 - The Experts Have Taken Over, With Bob Burrough — The Menu Bar

    Bob Burrough drops by the bar to discuss his history as a software engineer, the seven years he spent at Apple, his reasons for leaving, and we ponder why we care so much about this company.

    Relevant Links:

    Steve Jobs - The Lost Interview on Netflix

    The Two Port iPad

    Support The Menu Bar on Patreon

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  6. Query #23: Hands-on with the HomePod - Relay FM

    Serenity spent some time with Apple’s new HomePod, and answers a bunch of Stephen’s questions about the $349 device.

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  7. Canvas #52: SSH from iOS - Relay FM

    This week we dive into a nerdy topic: working with SSH connections on iOS.

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  8. a16z Podcast: Revenge of the Algorithms (Over Data)… Go! No? — a16z — Overcast

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  9. Meet Donald Trump experts Maggie Haberman and David Fahrenthold - Recode

    On the latest Recode Decode, the two journalists explain how their careers set them up to cover the Trump Era.

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  10. Which Android phone should I buy? - Recode

    The Verge’s Dieter Bohn talks about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the Essential Phone and LG’s V30 on Too Embarrassed to Ask.

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