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  1. David Sacks on “The Cadence”: an operating philosophy he developed at PayPal which helped him lead Yammer to a billion-dollar exit without a COO

    David Sacks’ recent Medium post: https://medium.com/craft-ventures/the-cadence-how-to-operate-a-saas-startup-436aa8099e8 Follow David: https://twitter.com/DavidSacks Follow Jason: https://linktr.ee/calacanis 0:50 Jason intros David Sacks for his 7th appearance on TWiST & David defines bottom-up SaaS 5:56 Sacks outlines his startup operating philosophy: “The Cadence” 13:20 How chaos at PayPal led to Sacks creating his operating philosophy 15:35 Defining the 4 key functions of “The Cadence”, syncing up sales cycles with the fiscal calendar 20:47 Why quarterly sales quotas are perfect for a scaling startup 25:03 Best practices for SaaS sales cycles 29:58 Why marketing should feed off product, creating a “product launch event” to fuel marketing 37:26 How smaller startups should operate with product/marketing & why that creates chaos when the company begins to scale 44:39 What types of cold emails will David Sacks open? 48:47 Optimizing product cadence 56:56 How to deploy engineers on product sprints, reverse engineering product from the marketing event 59:32 How human nature plays into “The Cadence” 1:03:42 Adding predictability to board meetings


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