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  1. Full Interview: Jason Scott on online video and digital heritage | Spark | CBC Radio

    Archivist, technology historian, and filmmaker Jason Scott talks to Nora Young about online video, digital heritage, and how the internet isn’t as permanent as we might think.

    About two weeks ago, I got an email from Google:

    On April 29, 2011, videos that have been uploaded to Google Video will no longer be available for playback. We’ve added a Download button to the video status page, so you can download any video content you want to save. If you don’t want to download your content, you don’t need to do anything. (The Download feature will be disabled after May 13, 2011.)

    So, basically… “unless you take action, all your videos will be deleted.” But then, a week later, Google changed its tune. In my inbox:

    Google Video users can rest assured that they won’t be losing any of their content and we are eliminating the April 29 deadline. We will be working to automatically migrate your Google Videos to YouTube. In the meantime, your videos hosted on Google Video will remain accessible on the web and existing links to Google Videos will remain accessible.

    This Google Video example is just one of many recent stories that suggest the web isn’t as permanent as we’re often led to believe. This past March, Yahoo Video removed all user-generated uploads from its site. When Cisco announced its plans to shut down its Flip Video business, it also announced that its companion FlipShare video sharing service “will no longer be supported past 12/31/2013.”

    For his perspective on online video and digital heritage, Nora interviewed Jason Scott. Jason’s an archivist, technology historian, and filmmaker.

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  2. Retronauts Episode 49: 09/04/2008

    Retronauts goes to PAX and comes back with a monster episode featuring two star-studded Dreamcast retrospective segments. Plus: Mario RPG! Gradius ReBirth! Space Invaders Get Even! Contra III vs. Gunstar Heroes! Mr. Driller music! Special guests Tycho of Penny Arcade and the crew of Player One Podcast! Hot damn!

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  3. Penny Arcade Podcast 03/18/2009 In Which Much Is Revealed

    Penny Arcade is a popular webcomic that has spawned an excellent documentary series, online at

    A couple years ago, creators Jerry and Mike did an audio podcast, revealing their writing process. In this episode, they discuss the possibility of a reality show based on what they do. That discussion begins at about 10 minutes 30 seconds in.

    The comic they end up writing in this episode:

    Original podcast feed:

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