Keeping Your Personal Data Personal: How Decentralized Identity Drives Data Privacy

Want your FedEx package? Now you must allow the company to scan your ID. Check into a hotel? Hand over your passport. Rent an e-bike? Key in your driver’s license, which includes your address, birthdate, and weight. What if you could maintain control over your personal identity and share only what is needed? Enter decentralized or self-sovereign identity (SSI). In the future, we believe each person will hold an e-wallet and control his/her/their own personal information.

Presenters include: - Wendy Hanamura, Director of Partnerships at the Internet Archive - Kaliya Young, Author and Co-Founder of the Internet Identity Workshop - Lambert Heller, Director of the Open Science Lab at the National Science Library of Germany - Irene Adamski, Head of Operations at JOLOCOM

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This series is a partnership between Internet Archive, DWeb, Library Futures, and Metropolitan New York Library Council.

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