The Decentralized Web: An Introduction

What is the decentralized web, why is it important, and where is it along the path of development? What are the problems the decentralized web seeks to solve? Who are the players working to realize this vision? Why is the Internet Archive, a library, a leader in the decentralized web movement? This webinar, the first in a six-part series, explores those questions and more.

Presenters include: - Wendy Hanamura, Director of Partnerships at the Internet Archive - Brewster Kahle, founder and Digital Librarian of the Internet Archive - Mai Ishikawa Sutton, Founder and Editor of COMPOST Mag - Paul Frazee, Founder of Beaker Browser.

The resource guide that accompanies this presentation can be found here:

This series is a partnership between Internet Archive, DWeb, Library Futures, and Metropolitan New York Library Council. For more details, visit

Sections: 00:00 Welcome & introductions from METRO 04:51 Wendy Hanamura provides a gameplan 08:33 Defining terms 16:16 Conversation with Brewster Kahle 34:26 Demo by Mai Ishikawa Sutton 47:10 Demo by Paul Frazee

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