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  1. Experience Points

    Experience Points is a podcast dedicated to "the serious but not humorless discussion of gaming, " hosted by Scott Juster and Jorge Albor. This show typically takes one standout gaming article or blog post from the week and uses it as the basis for more detailed discussion. Brief, but intelligent discourse. (And the theme song eventually settles into a killer Stones-esque groove.)


    —Huffduffed by OzymandiasAV

  2. Hey Ash, Whatcha Podcast (HAWPCast)

    The HAWPCast is produced by Anthony and Ashley Burch; you may recognize the former from his columns/videos on Destructoid. The show itself is a bit out there — no format/structure whatsoever, as well as a number of occasionally-bizarre personal tangents — but they’ll accidentally stumble into interesting discussions about gaming as a medium that are worth hearing. This is the most recent episode, if only because I’m not sure there’s really an easy "introductory" episode.


    —Huffduffed by OzymandiasAV

  3. Jumping the Shark

    Jumping the Shark is the official GameShark.com podcast; you’ve probably already got it in your feeds, due to the tight ties to Three Moves Ahead, but I figured I’d throw it here anyway, just in case. JtS offers a more well-rounded perspective on current games without getting dragged down in the minutia of current gaming news. This is the most recent episode, which is their GOTY discussion.


    —Huffduffed by OzymandiasAV

  4. The Squadron of Shame

    The Squadron of Shame is a retro-leaning show that discusses current games (and current concerns for gaming culture) from time to time. They also have a sister podcast, the Exploding Barrel, that is focused on more timely coverage of news, but their long form discussions on TSoS are a good introduction to their personality. This is the most recent episode, which includes discussion and analysis of Deadly Premonition.


    —Huffduffed by OzymandiasAV

  5. 8-4 Play

    8-4 Play is the podcast for 8-4, which is a Japan-based localization company whose staff includes former 1up alums Mark MacDonald and John Ricciardi. The show focuses on Japanese gaming news, but it tries to frame the discussion in a more global sense, contrasting Japanese gaming trends vs. Western ideas and vice versa. The linked episode is a discussion with Kevin Gifford about the history of the Famicom.


    —Huffduffed by OzymandiasAV

  6. Games, Dammit! (1up.com)

    Despite the AWFUL title, the "flagship" podcast for 1up.com has somehow evolved into something that’s actually listenable now. The show does tend to ramble quite a bit at times but, when it settles down to discuss mainstream gaming news, it does so without descending into dudebro/sales-age nonsense. This is the most recent episode.


    —Huffduffed by OzymandiasAV

  7. Active Time Babble (1up.com)

    Like Three Moves Ahead, ATB is a specialist podcast that covers a specific genre of gaming (in this case, RPGs). The first few episodes were a bit rough, but the show has turned into one of the more consistent offerings left on 1up, in terms of content, with measured and thoughtful discussions about the genre. The linked episode is a detailed discussion of Final Fantasy XIII with Chris Kohler and Christian Nutt.


    —Huffduffed by OzymandiasAV

  8. Another Castle

    Another Castle is an interview show focusing on creators and thinkers in the New York game development scene. Many of the interviews are interesting, even if they’re outside of your normal interests in gaming. This episode is an interview with Heather Chaplin from Season 1.


    —Huffduffed by OzymandiasAV

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