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  1. Michael Pollan, “Deep Agriculture”

    The benefit of a reformed food system, besides better food, better environment and less climate shock, is better health and the savings of trillions of dollars. Four out of five chronic diseases are diet-related. Three quarters of medical spending goes to preventable chronic disease. Pollan says we cannot have a healthy population, without a healthy diet. The news is that we are learning that we cannot have a healthy diet without a healthy agriculture. And right now, farming is sick…

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  2. 2050: A Hypothetical Future

    With a current world population of 6.8 billion, projected to be 9 billion by 2050, what will our lives be like in another fifty years? Our consumption is causing scarcity of resources, food production is struggling to meet demand, almost everything we do destroys delicate ecosystems and our greenhouse gas emissions keep growing.

    Meanwhile, we all believe in a basic human right to reproduce. This UTSpeaks presents a diverse panel of UTS experts to speculate on a future where overpopulation may be the key force impacting every aspect of human life.

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  3. Personalized Genomics

    Personalized genetic screening tests are now commercially available. Are they a tool for a disease-free future or a white elephant? Medical geneticists Cynthia Kenyon, Muin Khoury, and Nobel Laureate Harold Varmus discuss the science and the issues, in a forum moderated by former NBC correspondent Charles Sabine. Recorded at the Chan Centre at the University of British Columbia in March 2009.

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